I have been on Armour thyroid for almost 20 years. It worked very well for me until they made a change in their formula. All of a sudden my tsh was violently out of whack and we could not control the dosage. I had been on 90 milligrams for 15 years. I searched high and low for something to replace it with, I came across your website and decided to try your product. My tests now come out completely normal and I am feeling my old self again.I take 1 and 1/2 tablets.I have been on it for almost 8 months.
    The only thing I am unhappy about is the increased cost and the high shipping rate. I am very happy about the product. Thank you very much
    Donna Shelton

    Nutri-Meds Customer ServiceNutri-Meds Customer Service

  2. Kathy Simpson (verified owner)

    I was given the information to purchase these pills because nothing my doctor prescribed was working to keep my hair from falling out rapidly. I started taking these tablets and within 1 week I noticed my hair wasn’t falling out like it had been for 3 years. Now several months later, I only have a few strands fall out. I LOVE this product and will continue to use forever!!! Thanks Nutri Med for taking that fear of losing my hair away. It WORKS! It really WORKS!

    Desiccated Bovine Thyroid Health TabletDesiccated Bovine Thyroid Health Tablet

  3. Thyra Schmidt (verified owner)

    Have been taking this for awhile now and I am so impressed with how much better I am feeling!! No fatigue able to get through my day with ease and with great energy! Thank you Nutri-Meds!

    Desiccated Whole Adrenal Tablets-80mgDesiccated Whole Adrenal Tablets-80mg

  4. Jean Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This is the best natural product i have ever purchased . I was having problems with swelling , monthly cycles, and joint pain. I started taking this product and after about 2 weeks , all the swelling and joint pain vanished. LOVE THIS PRODUCT . Thank You Nutri -Meds

    Desiccated Whole Adrenal Tablets-80mgDesiccated Whole Adrenal Tablets-80mg

  5. debby kramer (verified owner)

    I had been taking synthetic thyroid for over 16 yrs and finally crashed. I was tired of feeling unhealthy and of being just a number to doctor after doctor. I (…) and began taking this. WHAT A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! I FEEL better. I LOOK better. I have my life back! THANK YOU NUTRI-MEDS!

    Desiccated Bovine Thyroid Health CapsulesDesiccated Bovine Thyroid Health Capsules

  6. Joscelyn Hortin (verified owner)

    Istarted taking Porcine Thyroid in Jan2009 with good results but still kept having relapses of poor health until I did some research into the shocking side effects of Soy .Since diligently reading all labels and eliminating all forms of Soy from our diet I now have stable health . Nearly every processed {man-made) product has that insidious ingredient LECITHIN as an Emulsifier and if you doubt how damaging soy is just Google it or read up Wise Traditions published by Weston.A.Price Foundation in Washington .

    Desiccated Whole Adrenal Tablets-80mgDesiccated Whole Adrenal Tablets-80mg

  7. Janice Vergeer (verified owner)

    I started taking the porcine thyroid and adrenal supplements. It has taken me 6 months of slowly adding and adjusting my doses and talking to the very helpful people at Nutri Meds. I feel as though I have my life again. I can’t say enough about how these products have returned my strength, peace and overall feeling of well being.

    Desiccated Whole Adrenal Tablets-80mgDesiccated Whole Adrenal Tablets-80mg

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have used your products in the past. Just started using the Adrenal Cortex caps again.
    Looking forward to the improvements I experienced before.

    Desiccated Adrenal Cortex Capsules - 250mgDesiccated Adrenal Cortex Capsules – 250mg

  9. Alicia Adamy

    Thank you very much! I have worked with many company’s customer service departments. Your department gave me the best service; exactly what I requested in a short period of time. Thank you for showing me that a positive customer service experience is still alive and well! Alicia

    Nutri-Meds Customer ServiceNutri-Meds Customer Service

  10. Mike Schawel

    I have been searching and searching for a company like this..

    Nutri-Meds Customer ServiceNutri-Meds Customer Service

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