Desiccated Bovine Thyroid Health Tablet

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Nutri-Meds™ Whole Desiccated Bovine Thyroid Concentrate tablets.
130mg raw thyroid tissue concentrate per tablet, 90 tablets per bottle.

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Bovine Thyroid Health Tablets

Our Bovine ThyroidHealth is a whole-food nutritional glandular from grass-pastured stock, raised without antibiotics and growth-stimulents. The whole thyroid gland is simply desiccated (freeze dried), which then concentrates the natural constituents. It is produced in the United States using stringent quality control and safety measures.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Read our
FDA Notice (supplemental disclaimer).

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container 90

Amt per
Tablet %DV


Lyophilized Bovine Thyroid Tissue 130mg *

*Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Pharmaceutical Glaze, Cellulose, L-Leucine, Silica.

1 tablet daily or as otherwise directed by physician or qualified health care practitioner.

Additional information

Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 in

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  1. Ruth Horton (verified owner)

    I have been using the Bovine thyroid tablets from Nutri-Meds for about 4 years. It has made a definite improvement in my overall physical well-being, but most especially relieving the joint and muscle pain and stiffness I was experiencing. It has helped tremendously in resolving the chronic memory problems and the mental fog I was experiencing. It has made a huge difference in my energy level, and I no longer wake up tired. This product has made a big difference for me, and I’m thankful I found this product.

  2. Susan Parsons (verified owner)

    I have been taking this product for about 8 months and I really like it. After giving birth to my third child 13 months ago, I was feeling very sluggish and having a hard time recovering from the pregnancy. After only a couple of weeks on this product I seemed to have a little more energy, more clarity of thought, I sleep better through the night, and it seems to help keep me regular intestinally. All in all, this product has served me very well!

  3. Kathy Simpson (verified owner)

    I was given the information to purchase these pills because nothing my doctor prescribed was working to keep my hair from falling out rapidly. I started taking these tablets and within 1 week I noticed my hair wasn’t falling out like it had been for 3 years. Now several months later, I only have a few strands fall out. I LOVE this product and will continue to use forever!!! Thanks Nutri Med for taking that fear of losing my hair away. It WORKS! It really WORKS!

  4. Geoff Huxley (verified owner)

    I’ve been on medications from my doctor, and I’ve tried other natural products, but NOTHING has worked like this! I’m finally out of my fog, my hair isn’t falling out, my eyebrows are growing back, my rash is gone and I have energy (and so much more!). People don’t understand everything your thyroid not functioning can do, so they never understood why I felt so crumby all the time. Now the don’t need to! I feel amazing!

  5. June Peters (verified owner)

    I feel so much better taking these. They only work for me if I take them with one drop of potassium iodide in a little water. Then…no more palpitations, no more sweating, no more missed days of work. I have been looking for an answer for 30 years! Finally found it. By the way, all my thyroid tests were normal but my body temperature was 94 upon awakening. Changed my life to find the answer.

  6. Gabrielle von Braun (verified owner)

    Absolutely impressed with these tablets & company! Thank you!!! I’m 42 years old & I have only had to take 1/2 a tablet… after the 1st day my throat felt better. The 2nd day I had more energy, the 3rd through 7th day (which I’m on now) I’ve been much warmer (I’ve always been cold & had to use electric blankets- top & bottom- but have not turned them on for the past week). I am so thankful that I found this website & product beyond words!

  7. James Colon (verified owner)

    These supplements have helped me more than I ever thought imaginable! For 18 years I have fought with doctors to test my thyroid and no one would listen to me. I finally took it upon myself and started with these supplements and I cannot tell you how good I feel. I have my life back! I haven’t felt this good since I was a child.

    Within the almost three weeks I have been taking this supplement, my temperature has stabilized, I am losing weight, I no longer have brain fog and can focus on tasks, my moods are stable, and my depression has disappeared! My skin has cleared up, I had zero cramping and a very light period (that has NEVER happened to me), and the energy! Oh the energy! I am able to start running again.

    My life has changed so much and it is thanks to the nutri-meds!

    I cannot thank you enough, I have my life back.

  8. Frances Koonce

    I purchased this product from a health food store and have been taking it about three weeks . When I tried to stop synthetic thyroid meds on my own I was in excruciating pain as I didn’t have accurate knowledge and something to replace the hormones I was lacking . However , my concern was short lived with this product . I reasoned that not only was I replacing the hormone for which I was taking a prescription , but I am actually getting the remaining hormones my body needs . So far no or little pain , my energy is slowly returning and my hair is coming back ! I never thought that would happen ! Now I wonder if I really have fibromyalgia or not . I am taking two tablets daily and may increase to 2 1/2 tabs in a week or so after seeing how I feel .
    I am so thankful to have a product like this without having to get a prescription . I believe my sister will soon be experimenting with the similar product as we have the same health issues .

  9. Nicole Compton (verified owner)

    I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos and have tried many different meds with the endocronologist. I couldn’t tolerate any of them, they all made me a jittery, anxious wreck. Nutri meds has been the ONLY thyroid medicine I have been able to tolerate. I only take 1/3 of a tablet per day and my latest test results showed a TSH of 1.2 (down from 5.3!) This product works, without all of the nasty side effects of synthetic medicines!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I had been feeling bad for quite some time but no doctor would test my thyroid despite my symptoms except for the TSH which always came back as normal. Frustrating. I found this product and have been taking it for about 3 months now. The deep ridges in my nails are gone, my hair is growing faster than normal and I am starting to get some energy back. I can’t wait to see how I feel after I increase the dose. Will post updated for all you folks who are starting the same journey to health that I am on. Thank you Nutri-Meds!

  11. Gail (verified owner)

    I have found both the tablet and capsule form of Nutir-Meds’s bovine thyroid extract to be very effective, particularly since the reformulation that added amino acids. I can take less yet have better results.

  12. Ibrahim Saghbini

    I’ve been on .75 synthroid for about 17 years and hoping that one day I would find a doctor to switch me to natural desiccated thyroid , but no luck with any of them , my last endo said to me ” forget it you’ll never cure from hashimoto thyroiditis and the natural is garbage , it just does not work ” , today I laugh at her , I’m on the Bovin desiccated , the whole adrenal and the adrenal cortex , turns out , I’M better than I was when I was on synthetic , I don’t want to change from Nutri Meds.I love taking them instead of synthroid , I would just love to get my products as described .

  13. Firas Mansour (verified owner)

    Found this after years of suffering form Hashimotos, had to reduce stress and go North American wheat (unless organic) and Dairy free (organic or otherwise), Dr refused to up my Synthroid, T3 was always borderline. I fixed with this, amazing, I do not need Synthroid, and have never felt better. Thank you.

  14. Terence Mayhan (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product for 2+ yrs. My PCP & endocrinologist couldn’t get past my consistently low TSH test results to pay attention to the long list of hypothyroidism symptoms I was experiencing. I finally tried these out of desperation, and found that they alleviated all my symptoms as well as slowly reducing my weight from 260 to 210 lbs. The only problem I encountered was adjusting the dosage. Through trial and error, I found that you want to start off at a fairly low dose – 1/2 or a full tab, and stick with it for a month before increasing the dose by a 1/4 tab. Pay close attention to your energy level, sleep, gain in body hair, bowel habits, and weight. If you develop the shakes, experience a racing heart, have multiple BM’s a day, or feel anxiety, you’ve gone too far (or too fast) and need to cut back on your daily dose. The key to success is to be patient and observe what your body is telling you.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with both the product as well as the service I have received from Nutri-meds. Since taking this product its been about 2 years now my thyroid levels have been consistently in great condition. The ordering as well as the delivery is quick and easy and their customer service is outstanding.

    I am happy I found them and I am a customer for life.

    Thank you for your service, kindly.

  16. Krista Medearis (verified owner)

    I no longer have to take the synthetics my Dr prescribed. My blood work is perfect and I feel great!

  17. Deanna (verified owner)

    Since supplementing with your product my skin has become soft and plump. Before taking this my skin was very dry and crepey!

  18. Sheri (verified owner)

    I gave a 4 rating because they are super fast at shipping out their product. I’m giving this to my special needs daughter but having seen any changes but having said that, it seems to be working according to her bloodwork. I’d rather she be on this than synthetic stuff any day.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. Shane Clayton (verified owner)

    fast – and the best. thank you so very much!

  21. Michelle L. (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, thank you!

  22. Mary Harner (verified owner)

  23. Sylvia (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for something like this!

  24. Robin Bloomgarden (verified owner)

    great product, but you don’t need to get it to me in 2 days. I can wait a few more days. Don’t want you all to be like Amazon, killing and maiming workers, right!

  25. KATHERINE M. (verified owner)

    I was on 100 mg Synthroid for 12 years and my hair was still brittle and thin And I never felt good. Just tired. I weened my self off the Synthroid and slowly regulated the Desicated Thyroid amount by my basal temperature. It’s just what I needed instead. I’ve been taking Nutri-meds bovine desicated thyroid for at least 5 years and I never let myself be without it. It’s so important to my health and vitality.

  26. Micky Mitchell (verified owner)

    I’ve only been taking them for three or four days so I can’t give a rating on how well they work, but I can say that I received them in the mail in like three days. The service was excellent

  27. Im (verified owner)

    Have switched from the synthetic levothyroxine full of aluminum to this natural thyroid supplement. It works better for me. Have used this for several years.

  28. Wendy B. (verified owner)

    Have not received this product as of yet

  29. Natalie (verified owner)

    Love this product and have recommended it to many people.

  30. Erica (verified owner)

    I love Nutri-meds’ dessicated bovine thyroid supplement. I have Hashimoto’s and use natural supplements. I have tried other natural products and like Nutri-meds best. Thanks Nutri-meds! ?

  31. Wendy Fields (verified owner)

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always super fast, efficient, good price and product

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service. Fast delivery. Would definitely order again. Thanks!

  34. Sarah (verified owner)

    My husband loves this compared to getting it from the pharmacy. He takes a lower dose of the Nutri-Meds and it works better for his hypothyroidism, he feels better when taking it. We love knowing where it comes from.

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love cows.

  36. Pam S. (verified owner)

  37. Andy H. (verified owner)

    Excellent product, great price and fasssst shipping =:)

  38. Diane (verified owner)

    Thanks!, fast delivery. I have noticed any improvement in just a couple of days!

  39. Robert W. (verified owner)

    Great product! It works well.

  40. LACEY MORTON (verified owner)

    See above

  41. Krista M. (verified owner)

    I use this as a substitute for synthetic hormones for my severe case of hypothyroidism. My doctor does regular blood tests and always come back well in therapeutic levels. I’m extremely happy with the product, customer service and shipping. Never had any problem with this company. I have been a customer for around 3 years! You can order and feel assured you will receive a quality product and great service.

  42. Jay Washburn (verified owner)

    It’s great that someone can provide a natural alternative to ***** at a reasonable cost. Lots of great information here as well.

  43. Paul (verified owner)

  44. KRISTINA S. (verified owner)

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The best

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

  47. Elizabeth Swenson (verified owner)

    I love your product and you have always been prompt with shipping!

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

  50. Rachel (verified owner)

    This has always been my favorite thyroid supplement. I just wish it came in larger, bulk sizes!

  51. Pat Shackleford (verified owner)

  52. Carole Dubreuil (verified owner)

    I have been on thyroid supplement with Nutrimeds from 2001 to today with a rest-pit in the middle, I came back to Nutrimeds because the pharmacy distributed thyroid supplement in Canada changed and not adequate anymore. Yes being in Canada and not having insurance for these meds is expensive but how can you put a price on your life? My thyroid is none functioning at all since 1985 and went through hell till 2001 until starting the regime of taking this Thyroid supplement. So thankful for the quality and stability of this supplement, it’s something to count on. ♥ ♥ ♥

  53. Gerri Butner (verified owner)

    Quality products
    Always quick with shipping

  54. Valerie (verified owner)

  55. Anonymous (verified owner)

  56. Carole Dubreuil (verified owner)

    Thank you for your help. Thank you for sending me the email with the tracking number for it still does not work on your site.

  57. Betty Campbell (verified owner)

  58. Janet Cooke (verified owner)

  59. Andy H. (verified owner)

    Awsome product, great price, fasssssst shipping =:)

  60. Shona (verified owner)

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

  62. Donielle Wilson, ND (verified owner)

  63. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it! It works.

  64. Brian (verified owner)

  65. Edward B. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Nutri-Meds for thyroid replacement for years. It works well, and delivery only takes a couple of day. I love that.

  66. pamela (verified owner)

    always great delivery and great product

  67. Valerie Bass (verified owner)

  68. Anonymous (verified owner)

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    All good.

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This supplement successfully treats my bipolar depression that is refractory to traditional medication management. I’m deeply grateful that it is available.

  71. Claudia A. C. (verified owner)

  72. edith edwards

    After years of pleading from help from endocrinologist etc and basically being told to take a pill of armour thyroid and hopefully it works out for me, after Levothyroxine didn’t, I traveled from Texas to California to visit a holistic doctor. Well after some appointment confusion a family member of mine offered me a full bottle of this product, I was overweight, low energy, no eyebrows, hair falling out and just depressed about the whole thing. FINALLY, my eyebrows are growing back, my energy level is going up and I am so grateful.

  73. Alexandra Masters (verified owner)

    My thyroid loves this supplement. It works better than what I was taking before to support my thyroid.

  74. Catherine S. R. (verified owner)

    appreciate the good product and good service

  75. Valerie Bass (verified owner)

  76. Mary R Ernst (verified owner)

    Very fast processing and delivery. Thank you.

  77. edith edwards (verified owner)

  78. Cecila Willett (verified owner)

  79. jennie (verified owner)

    Excellent. Very speedy and reliable. thanks!

  80. Neli R. (verified owner)

    I have been taking desiccated bovine thyroid for about six months now and am extremely pleased with the quality. I take it in conjunction with Synthroid and feel much better. I just received my new order, thank you for the fast delivery!

  81. Susan Evans (verified owner)

    Received in record time. Thank you. I just took my first dose today. Switching from another brand and will post an update in 30 days. Loved the tablet. easy to split. I take sublingually and this worked perfectly.

  82. Michelle H. (verified owner)

    Thank you for this thyroid supplement!!! It’s great

  83. Deborah Stokes (verified owner)

  84. Avis Lussier (verified owner)

    I’ve only been taking the bovine for 3 days but it’s looking like it’s for me! I’ll be ordering more! Thank you so much!!!

  85. Anonymous (verified owner)

  86. LACHRISHA B. (verified owner)

    Really works for me!

  87. Gabrielle Menendez (verified owner)

  88. Tammy P. (verified owner)

  89. Erica T. (verified owner)

    Love the product! Prompt delivery. One thing I would like to know is if there is a way of converting the 130 mg of thyroid gland into values for tsh, t3 and t4. 🙂

  90. Avis Lussier (verified owner)

    Fabulous! I feel so much better, Thank you

  91. Lisa M. (verified owner)

    Excellent product that gave me my life back! Customer service is exceptional!!

  92. Bradford R. (verified owner)

    Excellent product fast delivery

  93. Kimberly Alderman (verified owner)

  94. Deborah Lewis (verified owner)

    I’m having great results with the Bovine thyroid.

  95. Rodney (verified owner)

  96. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is awesome stuff! When I don’t take it I am more tired and my hair falls out.

  97. Anonymous (verified owner)

  98. edith (verified owner)

    If was discard thrown out my prescription armor thyroid to use this product exclusively b/c not only was it not working, I got tired of endocrinologist who actually didn’t give a damn about how I felt for my symptoms. I hope this company never goes out of business b/c this is the only thing I’ve used thats actually made me feel better and reversed my symptoms of hypothyroidism.

  99. Jan L. (verified owner)

  100. Judith (verified owner)

  101. Rachel M. (verified owner)

    These have always worked amazingly well for me. Fast shipping and great customer service, too. I’m a happy customer!

  102. Lucia D. (verified owner)

  103. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love doing business with Nutri-Meds. Product comes within a week of online ordering, always more than satisfactory. Thanks!

  104. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy with short delivery time. It arrived right when I needed it. Also very happy with the product.

  105. Daryl S. (verified owner)

    Always quick delivery and a easy website.

  106. Juneanne (verified owner)

    The whole process is very easy. The produce arrived quickly.

  107. Patricia Ross (verified owner)

    I feel much better now that I am using this product. I’ve tried several others, which have not given consistent results. Nutri-meds also is reasonably priced and delivery from an online order is usually pretty quick.

  108. Pam Stanley (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly, works great. Thank you!

  109. Jan L. (verified owner)

  110. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I had my Thyroid removed several years ago and was placed on Synthyroid, then Levothyroxine by an Endocrinologist. The Endocrinologist refused to prescribe any type of Dessicated Thyroid Glandular medication. Neither one of the two prescription medications corrected the signs and symptoms associated with hypothyroidism after my surgery. I am a Registered Nurse and specialize in Intensive Care and Critical Care management. I changed my physician to one that would issue prescriptions for Dessicated Thyroid Glandulars and she immediately placed me on Armour. Armour did improve my signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism, however I was still not back to being me. I did much research and decided to try the bovine type instead of porcine and within 1 week I was almost totally myself again. This supplement has continued to help me, “get back to being me”. I will not be without it unless I am unable to obtain it from Nutrimeds. I have worked in the medical field for over 25 years and I would highly recommend this product for anyone that is having hypothyroid medical problems.

  111. Betty Heckert (verified owner)

  112. Anonymous (verified owner)

  113. Anonymous (verified owner)

  114. Tonya (verified owner)

  115. Lili H. (verified owner)

    has been very beneficial, helped my temperature go back to close to perfect

  116. Anonymous (verified owner)

  117. Thea Thorne (verified owner)

    So glad to have an alternative to Synthroid! No longer have a thyroid due to cancer and this supplement keeps me feeling good:)

  118. linda Erickson (verified owner)

  119. Sherry (verified owner)

    Quick & easy. :-0

  120. Ramona Pender (verified owner)

  121. Anna C. (verified owner)

    Love this for my hypothyroid, really noticed a difference in energy after my first bottle ran out. I was back to tired all the time.

  122. Sarah R. (verified owner)

    I’m only on week three but it seems to be working

  123. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Love this company and love the results of this supplement. I have recovered from hyperthyroidism using this supplement and essential oils along with diet changes. I will not compromise in using thyroid from bovine, and most thyroid supplements contain porcine. Thank you for producing and A+ product I can trust for a good price. ❤️

  124. Ljubica Avramova (verified owner)

    I’m using tablets for 4 years already. I felt the difference in a good way almost immediately after switching to them from the standard medication, literary the same day. Happy for finding this product that works.

  125. Rose Howell (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for getting my pills to me. As soon as I get moved and my new address I will order my normal amount.

  126. Laura James (verified owner)

    Great doing business with you , your product works, easy access to ordering.

  127. Kathleen Charboneau (verified owner)

  128. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thankful these people are around…they make it so easy — great prices and super-fast service. I’m a happy regular.

  129. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Yeah…. its really good product. It helps me out. I was on Levox for thyroid for 7 yrs. It depletes your calcium. When I started aching I stepped off of it to see if that was my issue. It certainly was so I switched to this product. About the same price as a pharmaceutical.

  130. Janet Cooke (verified owner)

    Good quality product

  131. Amber (verified owner)

    Great stuff! I go back and forth with borderline thyroid issues but no Hashimoto’s. The synthetic and even natural dessicated meds just make me feel worse and symptoms are all over the place.

    This plus the adrenal cortex are an awesome combo!

  132. Firas M. (verified owner)

    Incredible, I have Hashimoto’s and Synthroid does not do the trick, diet changes and this product have saved me .

  133. James Carberry (verified owner)

  134. Judith (verified owner)

    I would be lost without this product. Thanks for being there and your excellent service.

  135. Chelina (verified owner)

    Love the product. Love the ordering process and FAST delivery service!

  136. Andy H. (verified owner)

    Quality product, nice price, fassst shipping =:)

  137. Pam S. (verified owner)

  138. Cyndi (verified owner)

    I have ordered off and on since nutri-meds began! You guys are awesome!

  139. Betty L (verified owner)

    Excellent as always…thanks

  140. Rose Howell (verified owner)

    Have used this thyroid for years and it always makes me feel good.

  141. Anonymous (verified owner)

  142. Shane Clayton (verified owner)

    always the best

  143. Levi Loeffelholz (verified owner)

    They are amazing

  144. Deborah L. (verified owner)

    Life changing medicine for me. Excellent quality. I’ve been buying from Nutri Meds for over 15 years.

  145. Jane (verified owner)

    100 per cent this nutrient works

  146. Carol (verified owner)

  147. Janet Cooke (verified owner)

    Top product, it has changed my life.
    I feel healthy, happy and energetic.

  148. Elizabeth Swenson (verified owner)

    Same as for my review on the 65mg tabs…..

  149. Kelly Jones (verified owner)

  150. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always prompt shipping. Excellent product

  151. Lea (verified owner)

  152. Avis Lussier (verified owner)

    I don’t know how, but this product saved me! Thank you!

  153. Pam (verified owner)

    I appreciate the information found in the guide to help figure out dosing. I am now up to two 130 mg tabs and one 65 mg capsule and my basil body temp is just starting to come up to a normal range. Because I still don’t have my dosing stabilized, it is difficult for me to provide a full review, other than the fact that it is definitely starting to work in my body. Other notes to share: I live in Canada and it takes two to three weeks for the product to arrive. That has nothing to do with Nutri-Meds and has everything to do with the postal system. It has been to impossible to find a physician to work with me on finding a natural product – I have seen two doctors that literally refuse to prescribe anything but synthetic hormones. Unfortunately, we cannot obtain natural products here without a prescription. They definitely have strong-armed into supporting big pharma. I am extremely grateful to have found this company but do not look forward to the price increase given the fact that CAD is already worth less than USD.

  154. Anonymous (verified owner)

  155. Rhonda D (verified owner)

    Thank you for providing a quality effective product! These work so well. The only thing that would make them better is if they came scored for cutting/breaking easily in half.

  156. NATALIA G. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and customer service

  157. Teresa S. (verified owner)

  158. Tamera (verified owner)

  159. Tamera (verified owner)

    I just turned 62 and believe I have suffered from low thyroid for years. I had told my doctor my suspicions and she said my blood work looked fine. Recently, I fired my doctor and started seeing a naturopath who told me that a ‘normal range’ has nothing to do with optimal levels. I am taking 1 tablet a day and have been for 6 weeks. I just had a blood draw today and look forward to the results even though I think I need more as my morning temp is still 96 or so. That said, I feel much better! The brain fog is lessened, my skin is less dry, and I just feel better overall. I hope my eyebrows grow back and my fingernails grow out without the ridges. Thank-you all for your reviews! They were very helpful to me in choosing this supplement. Thank-you Nutri-Meds for this wonderful product. Even though you had to raise the price, I still consider it a bargain. In fact, I just bought 6 more bottles.

  160. Pam S. (verified owner)

  161. Tom (verified owner)

  162. Matilda Navarrette (verified owner)

  163. Judith (verified owner)

    Been ordering this product for several years and use it daily. It really helps and so happy I can buy it from you.

  164. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always excellent product and quick delivery.

  165. Kim (verified owner)

  166. Avis L. (verified owner)

    I’m so thankful I found these tablets! They really work!

  167. Angela (verified owner)

  168. Tony (verified owner)

    It works well for me and hope material shortage goes away soon.

  169. William C. (verified owner)

  170. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This product has been my go-to for years enabling me to avoid pharmaceuticals and all the associated risks.

  171. Cheryl M. (verified owner)

    I order these all the time.

  172. Betty Heckert (verified owner)

  173. Wendy B. (verified owner)

  174. Susan B. (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping!

  175. Monica (verified owner)

  176. J EDDIE (verified owner)

    The wife loves your product!

  177. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my use of Nutri-meds for hypothyroid. I have found Nutri-meds to be as effective as prescription natural desiccated thyroid, and I like that it doesn’t have unnecessary ingredients, or undisclosed ingredients.

  178. Alice P. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service!

  179. Al F. (verified owner)

    High quality consistently. I’ve been with Nutri-Meds for six years.

  180. Joleen P. (verified owner)

    I use this product as opposed to prescribed synthetic medication. My Dr and I monitor my T3 and T4 levels regularly and this product has kept those at the desired levels. I find these are effective and cost less than the prescribed version.

  181. harriett (verified owner)

    I have a diagnosed underactive thyroid,since I was 26, I am now 61. It has been a battle since then to get armour natural thyroid. I have been taking your desicated thyroid for 3 years now,and the symptoms I normally have when not on any thyroid meds disappear. I do get better results from the porcine thyroid extract, I would love to see that come back. I do have symptom relief with the bovine just not as good.

  182. Anonymous (verified owner)

  183. Amber (verified owner)

    Shipping is always fast. Thank goodness for this product. It works far better for me than synthetic thyroid medicines.

  184. Elizabeth F. (verified owner)

    I like the tablet form the best, thanks for sending them.

  185. Wesliann Crocco (verified owner)

    I have weaned myself off Synthroid and Cytomel after taking for 20 years. I am now using Nutri-meds and so far my Thyroid blood work is good and I am feeling much better. I am very happy with the improvement in my health.

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