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Desiccated Bovine Thyroid Health Capsules

(918 customer reviews)


Nutri-Meds™ Whole Desiccated Bovine Thyroid Supplements in concentrated capsules.
130mg raw thyroid tissue concentrate per capsule, 90 capsules per bottle.

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Bovine Thyroid Health Capsules

This is a whole-food nutritional bovine glandular from grass-pastured stock, raised without antibiotics and growth-stimulants. The whole bovine thyroid gland is simply desiccated (freeze dried), which concentrates the natural bovine constituents. Bovine thyroid is produced in the United States using stringent quality control and safety measures.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Read our
FDA Notice (supplemental disclaimer).

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container 90
Amt per
Capsule %DV
Lyophilized Bovine Thyroid Tissue 130mg *
*Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients: Gelatin from free range sources, L-Leucine, L-Lysine, Silica,

Does not contain any sugar, starch, salt, wheat, corn, yeast, dairy or soy derivatives.
Tissue processed by the Low Temperature Method to preserve natural constituents.

1 capsule daily or as otherwise directed by physician or qualified health care practitioner.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 in

918 reviews for Desiccated Bovine Thyroid Health Capsules

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Based on 918 reviews
  1. Peter Lorince

    Been using your product for years very pleased. Thank You

  2. Lisa

    Natural is always best! Been using this product for around seven years now, and have absolutely no complaints!

  3. Darlene

    The bovine thyroid capsule has enabled me to address my thyroid disease without having to take prescription drugs which I took for years that never changed my numbers in tests. Thank you!!!

  4. MaryLou

  5. Natalie T.

    I’ve been using this product for a few years, I absolutely love it.

  6. Janet Pharr

  7. Gloria

    So grateful for this product. Really helps my thyroid maintaing normal levels.

  8. Anonymous

  9. Joshua Davis

  10. Geralene

    the half strength was the little boost needed with two 130 mg capsule

  11. Melanie F.

    I have used this product for years and my T4,T3 and TSH levels are almost perfect. With pharmaceutical treatment for my hypothyroidism my levels were all over the chart. I do not have that afternoon crash with Nutrimeds as I did with pharmaceuticals. I started with 2 capsules early morning the 2 at lunch now I only take 1 in the AM. Awesome product.

  12. Joan R.

    I love this product. It really works.

  13. Wanda D.

    Your company consistently delivers an excellent product in a completely trouble free way. Thank you! I have come to rely on the bovine thyroid to make me feel more “normal” and energized.

  14. Tina

    As always, good service and an important product

  15. Lynda

  16. Anonymous

    Great product!

  17. Lisa H.

    Been using this thyroid supplement for 4 years. Very satisfied with it and the ease of ordering.

  18. Kathy

    Great product – super fast shipping. I hope that your company never goes out of business nor sell out to major, non-healthy ingredients, non-ethical money hungry corporations. Thanks for your offerings.

  19. Patricia Southgate

  20. Donna O.

  21. La Veta Scaff

  22. Stanley H.

    Had a problem and they took care of it without a hassle.

  23. Anonymous

  24. Connie

    Love being able to order my thyroid needs without having to pay a doctor for a script. Gets old… Seems to work just fine. Have used many “script” medications, that the companies are always “playing around with” and end up NOT working as well, as in the past. Fed up with Big pHARMa’s control…hope others have awoken to their corruption too.

  25. Robert Sparling

  26. Nancy

    I’ve been getting my thyroid supplements for hypothyroidism from Nutri-Meds for many, many years (19? 20?) and everything has always been worthy of the highest ratings.

  27. Suzanne S.

    I love this product. I began with the lower dose for 2 weeks before increasing to this one. My hormones are balancing at a greater speed and I am loosing weight slowly. I am doing other things and this was the final item I needed for my health situation.

  28. John C.

  29. LUCILLE s.

  30. Jennifer

    This product has been a game changer, and Nutri-Meds is one of the finest websites I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Long time customer here, and proud of it!

  31. Geralene

    great product! I take two 130 mg daily

  32. Jeanine

  33. Peter Lorince

    Great product, recommend it for low thyroid function.

  34. Gisela James

    As always, outstanding service. Thank you so much

  35. robert

    I have been using these for about 4 years in order to get off prescription drugs & all my blood test results are normal.

  36. Diane H.

  37. Lisa S.

    Love this supplement!!! It’s clean with no fillers and is safe for my gut and thyroid.

  38. Renee

    Always prompt service and delivery!

  39. Sandra

    I have been taking Bovine Thyroid Health for many months and my levels are good and I no longer have to take Synthroid. It’s a great supplement.

  40. Margaret Larkman

    Thank you for being so prompt in getting my Bovine Thyroid Supplements I have to have them on a daily basis because I’m not on a prescription for my Thyroid I only want a natural help fir my thyroid issues.

  41. Albert F.

    High quality, exceptional ingredients.

  42. Liz C.

  43. Becki

    Have been using this product for years, always good quality and always fast shipping. Plus if you have any questions this company responds quickly

  44. Geralene

    I take two daily two hours in the morning before I take any other pills! So they can go to work

  45. Anonymous

  46. Diane

    Great product, fast shipping.

  47. Janet T.

    We are so happy with the Bovine Thyroid. It has helped us feel better.

  48. Michele Hone

  49. Michael McGlynn

  50. Janina Dys

    I’ve been using Bovine Thyroid capsules 130mg for a few years now and very happy with the results.
    Great product and fantastic service.
    Thank you NUTRI-MEDS

  51. Michele Silveri

  52. Stanley Heintzelman

  53. Leslie P Harris

    My thyroid levels are fine according to my GP.

  54. Linda

    Awesome product, great, speedy service!

  55. Linda K.

    Absolutely wonderful product, great quality, works exceptionally well.

  56. Joanna J.

  57. Geralene

    great product! I now take two daily not 4 and the result is perfect!

  58. Janet P.

    Product availability and fast service was great.

  59. Filiberto

    We have been using this for years thank you

  60. Katherine

    Nutrimeds – Bovine Thyroid, 130 mg.

  61. Anonymous

    good product thanks

  62. Stefan Ozsvath

    Very satisfied with your service for over 4 years. I do recommend Nutri-Meds every time having a chance. Please keep up the great work. Thank you for your service.

  63. Christina Martinez

    The process is easy, effective, & quick to order. Confirmation of order also quick via email. Shipping & arrival is timely . I have been ordering for many years. Tu

  64. Lola

    always superb quality and reliable

  65. Stephen W.

  66. Alibek

  67. Lisa

    My only disappointment is that you no longer have the Porcine Thyroid and that’s why the four-star review. Other than that, the Bovine Thyroid keeps me alive, which is pretty important!

  68. Cathy C.

    I really appreciate this great product. I’ve been using this for years to support my thyroid function, an option I am grateful to have. Thank you!

  69. Susan

    Besides offering an effective product, Nutri-Meds also makes it easy to order online.

  70. Michelle D.

    I’ve been using your thyroid products for quite a few years and have always been very satisfied.

  71. DEBBY S.

  72. Sonya K.

    Very pleased with my bovine thyroid capsules. My Free T4 and TSH lab values are all within the higher range of normal. The product also arrived very quickly.

  73. robert

    have been taking these for 4 + years to replace perscription drug for thyroid condition & blood work shows normal.

  74. Jennifer Valentine

    I highly recommend Nutri-Meds Bovine supplement. the company is extremely kind and so very helpful. I am doing very well on this bovine for my Hashimoto’s. I do the best on and NDT not a big pharma med.

  75. Carol

  76. Howard Rosenkranz

  77. Ann

    Excellent product!

  78. Peter Lorince

  79. Betty L

    I have been using NutiMed’s desiccated thyroid and adrenal for over 5 years now .. I have hypothyroidism with Hashimoto syndrome, I am very pleased with results.. have never had any problems or issues with product, service or shipments..

  80. Janet

  81. John C.

  82. Michele Hone

  83. Elizabeth Kafka

  84. Kathleen M.

    I am very pleased with the dessicated bovine thyroid capsules. I have been taking them for 2 years and I just had my first optimal level free T3 test result, which I was never even close to with the synthetics. My orders are always promptly processed, shipped and received.

  85. Jennifer

    Love this company and the products they sell. Absolute professionals in every way. Super fast shipping. Thank you, Nutri-Meds, for your consistency, reliability and for caring!

  86. Jane

    Been taking this product for years . It works

  87. Mykola Churpita

    Thanks for a great service!

  88. Hattie H.

    Awesome product! Fantastic service!!

  89. Stacy Skelton

  90. Geralene T.

    Changed to taking capsules at 5 am then other adrenal at 7 am, excellent results!

  91. Anonymous

    Excellent service every time I’ve ordered.

  92. Anonymous

    Excellent products and service!!! Customer service was very helpful and their products are pure and work great!!! Thank you Nutri Meds!!!

  93. Judith E.

    Have been using this product for a few years and have been very pleased with the results!

  94. Berit

    I love this product and company!

  95. Dwight B.

  96. Katherine R.

    My PCP allows me to take the bonvine capsules; I feel that I have more energy.

  97. Janet P.

    I have been dealing with the company for over 10 years and rarely have an issue.

  98. Carol M.

    Love the product, was on ******** for years and this works just as well. My order was processed the same day and I received it 3 days later (shipped from CA to GA via USPS). Very happy with the product and the service. Highly recommend!

  99. Anonymous

  100. Taletha

    Very glad to have a non-pork based product! Shipment was packaged well and delivery was prompt. Thank you!

  101. Julie

  102. Angel

    My hair stopped coming out half as much as when on pork thyroid! That is profound.
    I feel “softer” in a good way.
    Was on pork thyroid for approx 10 yrs. I am in menopause and my regular thyroid tests showed me getting a bit lower so decided to make this switch.
    Still trying to find my correct dose, bloodwork still shows me very low so am upping dose. 3 of the 130 per day and trying to spread them out, one before bed.
    I love love love having control of my dose ! I don’t have to constantly talk to my doctor and get a new prescription every time there’s a change.
    I found where I live my thyroid needs increase in winter vs summer.

  103. Blair Darby

    Always the good stuff, thanks for bringing through!

  104. Anonymous

    Very good and reliable job. Thank you

  105. Anonymous

    Very speedy processing and delivery. I am very pleased with the product and the service.

  106. Albert Fogleman

    Very professional

  107. Elizabeth W.

    I’m so thankful for this medication. My energy is back and my hair is thickening. They are always shipped and delivered quickly. I love this product!

  108. Sonya K.

    Received my order quickly. This product keeps my TSH levels normal and I am very pleased and happy with it.

  109. Lisa S.

    This is a game changing product! It helped me overcome symptoms of depression I had dealt with for almost a year.

  110. Anonymous

    Always there. Careful and supportive and the product seems to work.

  111. Christina Martinez

  112. William R.

    excellent product getting good results

  113. Randall

  114. Robert

  115. Athena

    This thyroid glandular keeps all my thyroid hormones within optimal range.

  116. Edie Nebel

  117. Anonymous

    Great service!

  118. Peter L.

    Work great for me have been using this product for many years now.

  119. Lori S.

  120. Diane

    This works so much better than another brand I’d been using. I immediately felt more present and motivated.

  121. Laura

    I started having issues with my thyroid about a year ago my doctor just tested my tsh came back normal and didn’t take my issues with feeling cold,weight gain 20 pounds in a year and sleep issues seriously so I started using Beef thyroid and things started to improve.
    Using 3 pills daily.

  122. Nancy E.

    For all the many years that I’ve been using your products for my hypothyroidism, you’ve always provided excellent products and services! My doctor approves and I’m grateful to be able to use natural hormone replacement! Thank you for all you do!

  123. Sheralyn H.

  124. Jayme O.

    This product is a life saver. I am so thankful for a product that isn’t full of allergens like corn or soy or artificial aluminum food coloring or other junky stuff. This works really well and the price point is AMAZING! Nutrimeds is easy to order from, the products arrive in a timely manner and in good condition. I highly recommend both the company and the product.

  125. Wanda D.

    I absolutely cannot say enough good things about your product. I love it. I’ve been taking your desiccated bovine thyroid for years; however, I must confess I cheated on you recently. I tried a cheaper product to try to save some money, but after a month, man, could I tell a difference. I re-ordered from Nutri-Meds and after a week I felt like a new person. I will NEVER stray again.

  126. Sandra Y.

    My thyroid numbers have been what they ought to be since using the Desiccated Bovine Thyroid Health Capsules. Great product!

  127. Katherine

    Love the Bovine thyroid capsules!!

  128. Sonya K.

    Great product

  129. Sarah C.

    This is a great option for those trying to heal the thyroid naturally without pharmaceuticals! This product has helped support my thyroid tremendously!

  130. Valentina O.

    great product, efficient delivery

  131. Peter Lorince

    Great product. Finally got my body temperature up to normal. Would definitely recommend this product with anyone with low thyroid function.

  132. Shalom Dickson

    Really helps the thyroid dysfunction and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis that I have battled for years! Saving lots by not having to get doctor to prescribe and superior to most other pharmaceutical formulations!

  133. Alaina K.

    I’ve used this product from Nutri-Meds for more than a year to reduce symptoms of hypothyroid.

    Easy to order, arrives promptly and is more effective for me than other high quality brands.

  134. Kristopher Williams

    Order was filled and shipped quickly. We have been very satisfied with the quality of this product through our years of using it.

  135. Liliana S.

  136. James C.

  137. Emily

  138. Emily Foley

    The only thyroid glandular I can say with certainty does what it says. When I run out and begin taking it again I feel the difference pretty much immediately. Just makes me feel more energy and more like myself, less tired. And the shipping is prompt too. 🌞

  139. Darlene

    I love this product because it enables me to control my hypothyroidism without prescription drugs

  140. Geralene

    Natural T3 & T4 are life saving

  141. Brenda

    I have gotten the best results with your 65 mg taking twice daily than other products I have tried.

  142. Josh

  143. DEBBY S.

  144. Jewel M.

  145. Les H.

    My thyroxine levels are near perfect according to my GP.

  146. Anonymous


  147. Barbara Constable

  148. Paul

    Good job, fast delivery, excellent product. Thank you keep up the good job !

  149. MaryLou Forbes

    Excellent Product!

    I was unable to tolerate even compounded T3/T4, and so my THYROID Specialist specifically recommended YOUR Product. After using your product for 6-months, ALL of my labs (which had originally been Abnormal) were within normal limits!!

    I had tried a Different Brand (at the same dose) of what “sounded like” an identical product: “Raw, Desiccated Bovine Thyroid from New Zealand” and at my next appointment, all my labs were OFF Again, including elevated TPO and TgAB antibodies again!!

    I am a believer~ a Nutri-Meds customer for life!!

    MaryLou Forbes

  150. Lynda

    Great product! My order arrived on time and in great shape.

  151. Deborah F.

    Great product. Excellent service.

  152. Julie Miller

  153. Darlene

    I love this product it enables me to take care of my thyroid problem without prescription drugs

  154. Kathy

    Excellent product that works well – shipping is super fast. Thanks for offering a hard to find type product.

  155. Elisha Gabriell

    I’ve been using Nutr-Meds Bovine Thyroid for maybe 2 years and love it. It keeps me from rapidly gaining weight, tho’ I’m still chilly when others are perfectly comfortable. The price is great, and I’ve sent friends this way!

  156. Paul Scalliet

    Thank you so much. Keep up the good job !

  157. Bridget

  158. Wayne J.

  159. Anonymous

  160. Stacey

    I am thrilled about the Bovine Thyroid capsules! I have tried so many other NDTs and this works the best! I split the doses each day to get the full benefit of it.
    I have a lot more energy with this. It is literally a life saver. Thank you Nutri Meds!

  161. Geralene

    blood test said ok levels on thyroid but I felt awful. I had used Armour but not effective as Nutri-meds!!! bovine is best!

  162. Darlene

    I love this program it has helped me so much with my thyroid

  163. Dwight

    Order for my wife for a number of years. My wife thinks very highly of this product.

  164. Shalom Dickson

    I love being able to take care of my thyroid without having to explain to a doctor what I have learned over the years and also being able to adjust my medication when I really need it. This is a clean, safe thyroid supplement with no porcine ingredients which makes me very happy. I save an awful lot of money not having to go into the doctor to get a prescription and the price of the supplement itself is also much more reasonable! It’s a win all the way around! Thank you for making this available!

  165. Randall Carpenter

    Excellent product – sadly pricing has increased

  166. Diana Ayers

    Been useing Nutri-Meds for years.
    You people are the best. Orders are recieved Within a few days of ordering….very fast service.
    Will give you 10 stars instead of 5.

  167. Katherine R.

  168. Kristine

    Great product, and very quick delivery!!

  169. karen cantin

    The only problem is the shipping to canada is extreamly long. It took about a month. So better order way in advance.

  170. Chuck Bagg

    When it comes to thyroid, most doctors are useless. A healthy thyroid regulates body temperature to a range of plus or minus 0.07%. The TSH test has a normal range of plus or minus 89% — about 1200 times wider than the temperature range it is supposed to regulate. Yet doctors will trust the test and ignore body temperature and symptoms. Thank goodness NUTRI-MEDS is there to compensate for the blatent ignorance of our doctors.

  171. Nellie B.

  172. Anonymous

    The dessicated bovine thyroid has helped me be more energetic and warmer after learning that I have a high level of antithyroglobulin antibodies resulting in low-normal range thyroid hormones. It’s nice to be able to be warm at normal house temperature.

  173. Rose Anne Rempel

    I have been using your Bovine Thyroid for 10 years. It is an excellent product. I have referred clients and family to you over the years and they are all doing great. Thankyou

  174. Monica

    Product is a great replacement for synthetic thyroid meds. Much better for you!

  175. Annie Denicola

  176. Ron S.

    Exactly what I was looking for.

  177. Anonymous


  179. Valerie

  180. sherry

    Excellent product and company

  181. Susan

    Always a pleasure doing business with you. Excellent product and a life saver. Thank you.

  182. Janus Mele

  183. Nina Herford

  184. Carol

  185. Tanya L.

    Quick and easy 😌

  186. chantal h.

  187. Anonymous

    Fast shipping and product is great! Supplies what my body needs to stay balanced.

  188. Anonymous

  189. Julia F.

  190. Roger

    Simply the best thyroid product on the market!

  191. Michele Silveri

  192. Robin B.

    This stuff has really changed my life over the last year or so. Will continue using it as long as I can! My Naturopath and I are still tweaking it periodically, with the other hormone products I take, but so far, so good! I love that it is natural, from a place with NO radiation or other nasty things near the animals, AND that I can order it myself without the medical establishment sticking their noses into my business!
    Thank you for making this available to me.

  193. Anonymous

    I take this supplement to control my Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism since I have autoimmune gut symptoms that inhibit the conversion of T4 into T3. It has worked very well for me for the past 5 years.

  194. Mary Ellen Clifford

  195. Wendy R Paris

    I never have to worry when I order my supplement from you. Always prompt and on time, often I get it early. Thanks!

  196. Darlene

  197. John Walsh

  198. Brent M.

  199. Geralene T.

    Saved me from other awful, ineffective thyroid drugs

  200. Debbie Tyler

    Great product

  201. Katrina

  202. Jannell

    Love these supplements! I had used other but needed a higher dose so I wasn’t swallowing so many capsules. These have been a life saver! So grateful

  203. Anonymous

  204. Sonya K.

    Product easy to use and swallow and always works. My lab values are always better than expected no longer take prescription med.

  205. Amy

  206. Delores R.

    It seems to be working as well as my previous NP (porcine) thyroid did.

  207. Elizabeth

    Excellent product. Has given me back energy that I’ve lacked for a long time. Always ships and arrives quickly. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  208. Jonathan

  209. Debbie Fegan

  210. lois

  211. Debbie Fegan

    Absolutely brilliant company & excellent customer service, these people are so helpful and professional and the product is great too, i couldn’t reccomend highly enough!

  212. Dimitri Polityko

  213. Karen D.

    So grateful I’ve found Nutri-Meds bovine Thyroid! It is working very well, & I love that they are very speedy in preparing my order & shipping it. I have found it to be reasonable in price & convenient.

  214. Anonymous

    Easy to order online and quick delivery.

  215. Rose

    I have ordered from this companny for years . Rapid delivery and as pure a product as can be !

  216. Robert C. Hines jr.

    Product arrived on-time and in perfect condition.

  217. Wayne J.

  218. John Benton

  219. Mykola Churpita

  220. Anonymous

    Love the product, love the seller. Recommend both 100%!

  221. Geralene

    wonderful product!

  222. August Holtkort

  223. Laura

    I have a non-functioning thyroid as a result of radiation treatment from Hodgkins disease in the late 80’s. Nutri-Meds thyroid lets me live my life.

  224. Darlene

    Love this product don’t have to prescription drugs to make my thyroid better

  225. Karen T.

    Excellent product and delivered very quickly!

  226. Jeanette G.

    great service—Thank you!

  227. Anonymous

  228. Jordan Bradley

  229. Randall Carpenter

    Wife uses this and has for years to replace her armour thyroid that is no longer available. She has had great success with this product.

  230. Jackson

    probably the best supplement for my thyroid, always great blood tests.

  231. Sheryl

    I have been buying these supplements for over 15 years. The shipping and service has always been top notch.

  232. Darlene

  233. Susan Evans

    Excellent product. Lightening fast delivery. TY

  234. Diana Ayers

    Great product, great service.

  235. Mary

  236. debrah shpak

    Amazing product!

  237. William R.

    It has improved my Thyroid and health strength

  238. Pam

    Very good. It’s great and easy to order from y’all. I’m thankful I found your thyroid meds. I can’t take the synthetic meds…my body will not accept it.


    This product is excellent

  240. Mrs. Kathleen C.

    Exactly what is needed. Health has greatly improved as a result. I am allergic to artificial or porcine derived thyroid medication. Thank you for a literally life saving product.

  241. Lori C.

    I’m not sure how I know this, but this desiccated thyroid seems fresh. I have been taking another brand that is no longer available, so I am very glad to have found Nutri-Meds. Thanks for having stock, Nutri-Meds 🙂

  242. Geralene

    My miracle every day!!!!

  243. Lora Dobbs

    Perfect in every way Nutrimeds has made my life so much better. Yes, this is a real review from a Nutrimeds dessicated thyroid suppliment purchaser!

  244. Shane Clayton

    … keeping my thyroid levels stable for 10 years now!

  245. Judith

    Love your products. Quality and shipping are excellent.

  246. Eric R.

  247. Elisha Gabriell

    This dessicated bovine thyroid saves me from becoming 300 lbs and freezing to death in my sleep! (Yes, slightly melodramatic!) I am starting to feel warm in my body for the first time in my adult life- that’s a very long time. Tho’ I really would love to lose 13-15lbs, this thyroid keeps me from gaining. Thanks to Nutri-Meds!

  248. John C.

  249. Lorraine

    Excellent service! Thank you!

  250. Lola

    always super prompt shipping


  252. Liz C.

  253. Suzan

    These work well and they are shipped quickly. They are pricey, but there aren’t many non-prescription alternatives. I would take 2 a day if they weren’t so expensive. I like that there are very few additives in them.

  254. Brent M.

  255. Kathy Bledsoe

    This product has saved me! Ive yet to find an endocronologist that actually ‘treats’ thyroid/adrenal issues with knowledge, caring and ‘do no harm.’

  256. Tonya P.

  257. Jessica Baker

  258. Wendy B.

  259. Patricia Pareja

    I am always very happy when I talk to Steve. He is one of the most helpful, kind person I know. Thank you for having him as part of your team

  260. Kathryn Cook

    I used this product many years ago and forgot about it because of the cost. After starting it again and seeing small changes for the good I am glad I came back. The cost is still very hard for my small income, but nothing else has helped in the same way…

  261. DEBBY S.

    I have taken other dessicated bovine thyroid capsules that were not as effective as Nutri-Meds dessicated bovine thyroid health capsules. These are definitely making a difference in my thyroid health.

  262. Kelley K.

  263. James V.

  264. James Carberry

  265. Daniel

  266. Maria

    I’ve tried thyroid glandulars from two other companies before I found Nutri-Meds. The first two didn’t work well at all. I experienced fairly severe hypothyroid symptoms. The Nutri-Meds thyroid product is making a huge difference!

  267. Kimberly MacKenzie

    An excellent product and excellent service.

  268. Nancy BENNETT

  269. Darlene

  270. William Schuller

    Very fast service and shipping!!

  271. Stacey A

    Always excellent quality for 7 plus years now.

  272. Anonymous

    Always the good stuff. I feel like it’s an important supplement to be on these days

  273. Anonymous

  274. Susan Evans

    Excellent service. Excellent product. I’ve been using the 120mg caps for over 3 years and always a great experience.

  275. Geralene

    Already taking Nutri-Meds thyroid capsules successfully, I started whole adrenal capsules several years ago after gaining 30 pounds and found out my blood test showed very low cortisol in morning so energy was gone by 2 pm. In two months the weight melted off along with lots of waist,butt and thigh fat! love looking at before and after photos! capsules are the best!

  276. Sam Holt

    Totally happy with product and service

  277. Tammy P.

    You are the best!

  278. Darlene

  279. Anonymous

  280. Les Harris

    Giving excellent blood test results.

  281. Michael Ault

    Your product is making my Wife get better!! God bless you people!!

  282. Diana Ayers

  283. Anonymous

  284. Anonymous

    Works great. I will continue to order.

  285. Julie

  286. Eric Raun

  287. Darlene

  288. John C.

  289. robert

    this was my 2nd time ordering this item halped me replace a perscription & acording to blood tests @ my MD’s office is doing a good job.

  290. Lisa B.

    I have been using Nutri-meds for years now and aside from when I had COVID and my thyroid was negatively impacted, this product has been a life saver. But the best part is their customer service. They truly care about the people who buy their products and go out of their way to make things right and good for the customer. I can’t thank you enough for that. You don’t find that nowadays in many places. Thank you!!

  291. John Benton

  292. Susan

    Since I am allergic to so much that is in standard pharmaceuticals, I have found the thyroid health capsules meet my need for non-allergenic thyroid consumption.

  293. Debora W.

    Wish the porcine thyroid was available but the bovine has been a great product too.

  294. Katherine R.

    Excellent product and outstanding customer service.

  295. Cynthia OSullivan

    Always a consistent product. Fast efficient shipping!

  296. Linda

    The capsules have worked for me. I take 135mg in the middle of the night and it takes the pace of the Naturethroid 65 that I took before they were recalled. My blood tests results are the same as when taking Armour or Naturethroid. I am grateful that this company provides a legitimate service with attention to detail.

  297. Wendy B.

  298. Geralene T.

    Life changing

  299. Darlene

    By taking this product I no longer have to take prescription thyroid medications, thankyou

  300. Jennifer Leon-Guerrero

  301. Cherisse Louderman

  302. DEBBY S.

    After trying other dessicated bovine thyroid health supplements, these have worked the best. It takes a couple weeks from order time to receive time but that seems to be the way life is in the USA now. Ordering is easy, painless.

  303. Herman J

  304. Judith

    Products and service are great.

  305. Jennifer

    It is starting to help me feel better, I will continue on it. Working on getting to optimal dose for me.

  306. Nancy E.

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2009 and wanted a natural source of thyroid, thinking it was a whole product rather than a limited chemical reproduction of the thyroid hormones. Thank heaven I found Nutri-Meds! I’ve been taking them all these years and they keep my thyroid secretions in perfect balance. Ordering is user-friendly and the product arrives quickly – even through the pandemic!

  307. Carolyn M.

    Service was prompt and product is very good!

  308. Andy H.

    Product works great!

  309. Sidney Miller

    Love it! I feel way better on this than the fake pills . I can really tell the difference.

  310. Jennifer Mercer

  311. Marie

    This has always helped with my thyroid. Gives it the push it needs!

  312. Wanda D.

    This supplement has become mandatory in my life. Without it I’m sluggish with dry itchy skin. I love it. I also like dealing with the company, Nutri-Meds. The ordering process is a breeze and I am kept current on the status of my order. I cannot say enough nice things about the company and the product.

  313. Anonymous

    My order was promptly shipped and arrived soon after.

  314. Anonymous

    These WORK when synthroid did nothing but make my hair fall out!!!

  315. Darlene

  316. Kristen

  317. Joy

    I was actually on medication for an inactive thyroid. I started taking Nutri-meds 5 years ago. I have worked with a nutritionist for 3 years and a Holistic Doctor. When I told them I was taking Nutri-meds they couldn’t believe it. Both said they have not seen a holistic product work. Since I have remained on this product my thyroid test is normal.

  318. Brent M.

    Controls hypothyroidism

  319. Lori SIPKA


  320. Anonymous

  321. Diane S.

    product always perfect for me – so grateful to have found Bovine. I love the convenience of varied doses 65mg & 130mg.

  322. Kristine

    Thanks for the quick delivery!

  323. Lise

  324. Kelly B.

  325. Elisha Gabriell

    Great product, great service!

  326. Anonymous

  327. Patricia P.

  328. Darlene

  329. Terry

    Have been taking the bovine thyroid for some time now. My physician always dismissed my complaints about levothyroxine. Decided to go my own way. So glad I changed to nutri-meds. I feel great now. I’m not suggesting others do what I did. But it was a good decision for me.

  330. Tanya Lee

    All natural!

  331. Gabrielle Menendez

    Always prompt and professional.

  332. Melanie C.

    I am pleased with the service from NutriMeds. It is great to be able to control my thyroid issues with these Bovine supplements as an alternative to prescription medication. My bloodwork since I began taking these products has been perfect!

  333. Katherine K.

    I’ve been completely satisfied with all of my thyroid supplements for many years now. Prompt service, attention to detail and a good price keeps me returning. Highly recommended!!! Thank you!

  334. Karen S.

    I was taking prescription dessicated thyroid prior to this, made from pigs. My ND said this might suit me better. I think it does.

  335. Avery M.

    In addition to the fact that it seems to be working for me, I love this company because they DO deliver, haven’t had an order get hung up yet. Thank you!

  336. Geralene T.


  337. Kimberly

  338. Darlene

  339. Berit

  340. Rose A.

    This is what I’ve been needing! Thank you for a great product!

  341. Christina

    I love that this is a natural product. I’m not really seeing the results I had hoped for, but it may be that I need to up my dose. I’m taking 130mg. per day now and plan on adding an afternoon dose of 65mg.

  342. Liz C.

    I have been using this natural alternative for Hypothyroidism for about 5 years now. It has dramatically helped me.

  343. Anonymous


  345. Susan Austin

    Very happy with this product. I have been taking it close to two months. Energy has improved and feel quite good over all

  346. Jayme O.

    I love these! They work really well.

  347. Diane

    My order was received timely and as requested. I’ve been taking desiccated thyroid for three weeks now and I’m feeling better. I am pleased with the service and product. Thank you.

  348. C Rowton

    I’ve done business with Nutrimeds for over a decade. Always have my product in stock. Website and online order process is a dream. Never a delay in receiving my order. Thank you!

  349. Darlene L.

    I love this product because it is made from desiccated beef and allows me to keep my thyroid functional without using prescription drugs

  350. Anonymous

    Excellent product!

  351. Anonymous

  352. Anonymous

    Done business with this company for quite awhile now, and they are 100% wonderful. Super helpful, super fast shipping and super excellent products. I love them!!

  353. Susan

    I have bought this thyroid supplement on several occasions and have been very happy with the results.

  354. Cathy

    I love this product! Can’t do without it. Synthroid wasn’t working for me and I started on this and it’s a complete turnaround. Ordering is easy, and it came quickly.

  355. debrah shpak

  356. Les Harris

    Thyroxine levels have been deemed perfect by my GP.

  357. Anonymous

    I have been so happy with this product. I used to be on a combination of Synthroid and Cytomel. As I’m entering into menopause, I am concerned about bone health. All the thyroid hormones are needed for good bone health, so I decided to switch from my T4/T3 combo to the desiccated bovine thyroid (DBT). My doctor agreed, and is now monitoring me on the DBT. It took several months to get the correct dosage, but I am now at a good level and doing great! My thinning hair has been filling back in, and my nails are great, which has been a huge indicator that the DBT is working well, and supplying me with all the needed thyroid hormones. I can only assume these are good signs for my bone health as well. Can’t thank Nutri-Meds enough for their product!


  359. Vicki King

  360. Darlene

    I love this product and it enables me to not have to use prescription drugs. It keeps my thyroid working great

  361. Judith

    Works better than prescription.

  362. Natalie T.

  363. Cathy Cole

    I have ordered many times. I always receive an excellent timely response and delivery of an excellent product.

  364. Diana Ayers

    Very happy with product. Been taking Bovine Thyroid Health for years now and happy with product and timely delivery.
    However; hope the price doesn’t increase again.

  365. Ellie Timpson

  366. Lori S.

  367. Cheryl Compton

  368. Barbara D.

  369. Anonymous

    Great service.

  370. Jennifer

    I continue to take the bovine thyroid supplement with good results. I placed my last order on a Wednesday and I received it two days later on Friday. Granted, I paid for priority shipping, but they always get it into the mail the same day I place the order; much appreciated.

  371. Karen

  372. Marisa H.

    I have been on prescription thyroid medication for years and recently transitioned over to Nutri-meds and I am doing better than I have in years! I have also lost 10 pounds in just this first month taking!

  373. Geralene T.

    fabulous product! Doctor says my blood test numbers are perfect and I feel wonderful!!!!

  374. stirling

    Love Bovine Thyroid. Needed this for awhile. Clearer thought, more energy and less anxiety. Keeps you going in this faster paced world. Best part, so easy on my system.

  375. Emily Long

  376. Katherine Groom

    I have been shopping here for years. Always a fantastic product and superior service.

  377. Avery Milieu

    Tweaked the dosage and life is moving right along. Hashimoto. Epstein-Barr and all that. Physically unable to use the synthetics or conventional porcine (allergies) and lived for years — a sort of half life — dragging slow while my thyroid gland over produced and my immune system made sure it didn’t get used…
    It would be nice if I could find an endocrinologist who was willing to work with me, maybe learn something new, but so far they all seem in lock step with their Pharma Only training.
    I have been taking the bovine thyroid now for months, bloodwork shows my cells are accepting the alternative and I’m not being sickened by what the beast ate or what was done to it in processing.
    I have hair growing, thickening my eyebrows! I have energy! And it’s possible that my environmental allergies (mold, dust, pollen) are less pronounced than they were.
    Happy with this product and need to order another bottle, soon.
    One of the best parts of this process is that the package arrives in days. I like that.

  378. Darlene

  379. Anonymous

  380. Liz C.

  381. Kristen

  382. Patricia P.

    Simply very grateful.

  383. Alex B.

  384. Tiffany H.

    This product is great! I have a lot more energy and feel more like myself when I’m taking it.

  385. Katherine R.

    I love Nutri-Meds – I take 130mg of the Bovine Thyroid in the morning; and one 65 mg capsule at mid-day and another the evening.

  386. Robert C. Hines jr.

  387. debrah

  388. Lisa H.

    Great product and service.

  389. Monica

    I could no longer take prescription for hypothyroid. I started using this product years ago and it works better. I feel more energetic and have better overall health.

  390. Gary S.

    Very fast shipping


    This companies products are wonderful and service is quick and efficient!

  392. Judith E.

    Really pleased with the results. Have been taking 2 a day. First one first thing in the morning and 2nd between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. I also take one iodine a day. My thyroid labs are normal now my body temp first thing in the morning went from between 95.8 and 96.4 to 97.7.

  393. Darlene

  394. Buddy Wester

    Much better than pharmaceuticals

  395. Shalom Dickson

    This product saves me a lot of money and helps me to maintain the hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis that I battle very effectively. The customer service is excellent and I made a mistake thinking that an order that I had placed had not been received although it had. They were very gracious about it and more than willing to help but fortunately I did realize my mistake before we got too far into it. I’ve been doing business with this company for a long time with both adrenal and thyroid supplements that they offer and will continue to do so for a long time Yah willing.

  396. Kathleen Brennan

  397. Anonymous

    Nutri-Meds Bovine Thyroid capsules is a good alternative for prescription thyroid and meets my needs in the face of allergens present in Rx versions. It’s unfortunate that the price has gone up so much, however.

  398. Anonymous

    I am always happy with the quality of service and product.

  399. Janet P.

  400. Patricia Southgate

    This product works great.

  401. Frank Lindner

  402. Linda

    I was really fortunate to come across this company while looking for a replacement for Naturethroid which had been recalled. The 130mg seems to be the perfect replacement for the 65 mg naturethroid or 60mg Armour. The service is good and no delays in receiving the product.

  403. Berit M.

    Excellent product that works for me! Love that it comes in two strengths which made fine tuning my dose easy. Quick and easy ordering and shipping.

  404. Kelly B.

    So far this is working so much better than a T4 which is what my new endo was moving me to slowly. I use to take both a T4 and a T3, she cut the t3 to nil. I think I will treat myself on how I feel compared to some lab. I have a weird hypothyroid as I was treated for graves and now have a zero working thyroid, age killed what little they left me. My t3 was high or my tsh but never did the free t3. She could get both right at the same time. Over time, I felt worse and worse. Now I am feeling much better.

  405. Frank Khoury

    Happy overall thanks

  406. Anonymous

  407. Kathleen M.

    My order was approved, mailed and received in 3 days. I feel exceptionally fortunate that my sister found your company and this particular product. In the several months that I have been taking the bovine thyroid supplement my condition has improved substantially.

  408. Darlene

    I started taking bovine capsules from Neutra med a few years ago because prescription thyroid medicine did not make me feel better did not stop my hair from falling out did not help my blood work numbers. However now I feel better my hair is not coming out as easily.

  409. Anonymous

    Fast delivery. Thank you for your product.

  410. Laura C.

    Dedicated bovine thyroid health capsules changed my life. I feel normal! I have been on levothyroxine and synthroid for two years and felt absolutely horrible. Thank you Nutri-Meds!!

  411. Jackson crockett

    Great service.

  412. Allen D.

    I have been using Desiccated Bovine Thyroid Health Capsules for over 2 years now, and have totally eliminated the prescription thyroid medication that I was taking. You just have to play with the Dosage a little. For me I take 1x130mg capsule in the early morning on an empty stomach. This is a much better Natural approach to help you feel better compared to taking prescription thyroid medication that has all those fillers in it causing all kinds of side affects.

  413. Jennifer

    I’ve been taking three capsules of this product for three months, along with an adrenal support supplement and iodine. I have no thyroid and take no synthetic meds. The bovine thyroid, adrenal and iodine is a perfect combination of supplements that has finally made me feel normal for the first time in my life. I also love the fact that no prescription is necessary. Most doctors/endos don’t know how to properly medicate thyroid patients, they only care about lab values and not symptoms. I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

  414. Shane Clayton

  415. Paulette L.

    With the help of my naturopath I was able to get off Rx drugs for under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) and exclusively use this product to support my thyroid. I’m now 2 years into this and doing great.

  416. Cheryl Compton

  417. Devida

    I love this product it literally has changed the quality of my life , I take one of these in the morning first thing and then the Adrenal bovine , sometimes i need a 65mg Thyroid by 2 pm but not every day, thank you for your fine products and quick shipping.

  418. Edee

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  420. Anonymous

    very good

  421. Buddy Wester

    A great natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

  422. harriett liopiros

    Prefer the tablet form.

  423. Alex B.

  424. Gabrielle Menendez

  425. Terry

    Normalized my thyroid. TSH, T3 and T4 now normal.

  426. Les Harris

  427. Carol


  429. robert

    I just had my anual blood test & my thyroid levels are normal so these caps work for me.

  430. DEBRA M.

    My daily energy is increasing to what I consider a functional level

  431. Anonymous

    So grateful that this is in stock and available! Not sure what I would do without it!

  432. Elizabeth F.

    Your thyroid is great. No side effects. I’m so glad I found you!

  433. Dorcas S.

    These are good

  434. Wayne J.

  435. Rachel H.

    You really feel a difference when you find a supplement that works! These are excellent!

  436. Lili Heissenbuttel

    Excellent product because it works!

  437. Geralene

    Wonderful natural thyroid! blood test shows it is working and I feel sooooo good!

  438. Robin B.

    I’ve been taking this product for about 2 years and so far I am completely happy with how I feel on it! My doctor has been surprised too. I really like that I can buy it whenever I need it, unlike trying to find the right amounts at the right cost at my local pharmacies, too.

  439. Theresa

    This is way more effective than the synthetic stuff I was taking.

  440. Gisela James

    Marisue was extremely helpful, but I am still waiting for my shipment, but of course that has nothing to do with you. It is held up by British Customs.

  441. Pam

  442. Susan E.

    Always excellent service. I am very happy with the product/supplement. I have been taking it for quite a while with good results.

  443. Myrna

    This is a great supplement.

  444. Valerie

  445. Tiffany H.

  446. Debi Miller

    I was tested for this and advised to take these from my practitioner at the Nutritional Healing Center in Ann Arbor, MI. They were having problems obtaining supplies of this and that is why I started ordering from the website. It has helped to almost heal my thyroid.

  447. Lola

    I am truly grateful for this product.

  448. Cathy L.

    I’ve used this thyroid product for 9ver 10 years. Best product I’ve ever found for best value

  449. Diana A.

    Have been taking for about 6 or 7 years and Bovine Thyroid has kept me active and feeling well in comparison with synthetic meds that had side effects and made me heavy and tired. The price has gone up which makes things more difficult when on a fixed income and insurance doesn’t cover.

  450. Anonymous

    Order and delivery was easy. Im not sure how it compares to my other brand yet.

  451. Edgardo Bernabe

    My hands and feets are warm now.

  452. Shawn F.

    So Far so Good ,seems to be helping me .I feel a difference .I will retest thyroid levels too.

  453. Anonymous

    Great product. Promptly delivered.

  454. James M

  455. john



  458. Blair Darby

    Thanks for bringing forth the goods

  459. Julian


  461. Anonymous

    This has been a life changer for me! On dr subscribed drug before which did nothing. With this I am back to my normal weight and feeling great! Thank you so much!!!!

  462. Jennifer

    So far, so good. I’ve been taking the 130mg capsules since 5.27.21; I just increased to 4 caps/day. After a total thyroidectomy 8 years ago and all forms of prescription meds (NDT, T4 only, T4 & T3) proving ineffective, I decided to try this product. It was a little scary to stop taking Levo & Lio and start taking this product. After Steve (Nutri-Meds owner) spent 45 minutes on the phone with me answering my questions, I felt better about trying bovine thyroid. I don’t feel optimal yet, but I’m starting to feel human again. I’ll update my experience in the future, after I’ve found my optimal dose.

  463. Anonymous

    Excellent product

  464. Diane Sollee

  465. Elizabeth

    Great product. I take this product early in the morning. It has enduring powers. Wow.

  466. Christine G.

    Thanks for carrying these. I use them along with T3 (high reverse T3) and it keeps my thyroid humming along 👍

  467. Fahad A.

    Good experience from purchase to use

  468. Anonymous

    Works beautifully. After just 2 1/2 months of taking this (not changing anything else) my 17 year old daughter got her period back. She hadn’t had it for over a year. She also began growing hair back as she had lost so much.

  469. Anonymous

    As always, perfect quality and condition with speedy delivery.

  470. Sidney Miller

    I love them and they actually make me feel better the Synthroid.

  471. Nicole G.

    Great product and happy to pay the price increase and fast reliable shipping to Australia never had a problem with them

  472. Mary Ellen Clifford

  473. Karla

    I’ve been using Nutri-Meds for a few months now. I had my thyroid removed many years ago and have struggled with finding the right NDT medication. I was first on T4 only medications, and then finally discovered Armour which worked for me for a few years until they changed the formula, then I went to Erfa out of Canada until they changed that – then NP Thyroid, which was changed a long time ago and although my labs were ok I felt worse and worse on the NP – I’ve followed the site “” for a long time which is incredibly helpful – that is where I read about Nutri-Meds. Given the crazy times we are living in especially related to trying to find a natural thyroid replacement, I’m incredibly grateful to Nutri Meds!!! It has only been a few months, and since I take a complete replacement of thyroid as the half I have left doesn’t work at all, I eventually worked up to the 5 tablets max, and did start using the Adrenal supplement tablets as well – I’m still not at a place where my FT3 is optimal, but overall I am feeling so much better – and again and SO GRATEFUL for Nutri Meds! To not have to rely on a pharmaceutical product in which we cannot depend upon is AMAZING! I’m tired of big pharma changing things to save $ for themselves and not caring what happens to those of us depending on the meds. I will have to add some compounded T3 to my regime to see if that will get me to a place of optimal FT3 and feeling back to myself again. My skin is much better and many other symptoms are better, but I am still not able to lose weight and get back to my normal weight. Hopeful though, and will continue using Nutri Meds products, which I believe are increasing the quality of my life – and the best part will be that they won’t change the formula such that I end up having to change anything again in the future – THANK YOU Nutri Meds!!

  474. Darlene

    I was surprised to see cost increase but love the product

  475. Anonymous

    such a convenient and helpful supplement

  476. Geralene

    my numbers on blood tests are always great with Nutri-meds thyroid!!

  477. Gary S.

    Great customer experience, fast shipping.

  478. Shalom Dickson

    I really appreciate being able to purchase my thyroid supplement without a prescription, the cost of a doctor’s visit, and being able to target the truly optimal test results that I have thoroughly researched. I simply set up an appointment for blood test periodically and adjust my dosage accordingly. It isn’t rocket science.

  479. Rawan M.

    I usually order tablet, but this works too. I hope tablet get back to stock soon

  480. Heidi

    Excellent product for strengthening thyroid

  481. Anonymous

  482. Anonymous

  483. Anonymous

    Great supplement. It really works

  484. Maja Maronić

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  487. Mike L.

    Best thyroid on the market

  488. Ginger

    I have been purchasing from Nutrit-Meds for at least 2 years now. It took me some time to find and settle on a provider for my Thyroid supplement. With Nutri-Meds, my orders always arrive promptly and I trust the quality of their products. While they do occasionally have sourcing issues, that’s understandable since they do only sell quality sourced products. As long as I need to take this product, I will always buy from them.

  489. Joscelyn

  490. Betty

    My daughter is the one who did research on the best OTC thyroid. Nutri-Meds won out. We’ve been taking their tryroid for maybe 5 or 6 years. Easy to order and arrives quickly. I even got a phone call when I mistakenly pressed the order button three times – – did you really mean to do that? Price is wonderful compared to $180 for three months of Armour thyroid I was taking previously.

  491. Deidre Edder

  492. Cathy

    Came quickly, great product. I’ll order again.

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    I am recovering my health with this product. So help me God.

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    Great product! Great Company!

  500. Anonymous

    Glad you exist. Thank you.


    This is awesome, it got me up and moving again my energy is up again,this delevers consistent enengy throught the day,there isn’t any fillers because it doesent upset my stomach.
    Great Product …..

  502. Elizabeth F.

    Good product and fast service

  503. Tiffany H.

  504. Kari

    Thank God I found you!!! My other supplier couldn’t get product anymore, and I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to get what I needed. This product works GREAT Thank you!!!

  505. Charlotte

    I have been taking this product for 2 years to bring my TSH levels down and free thyroid back to normal. My doctor is pleased with how this works. My own thyroid slowed down after my last baby was born and being constantly fatigued and gaining weight was not going to be tolerated until I started using this product. The main downside is that I have to pay for it out of pocket. Hopefully insurance companies will eventually add this choice to their formularies.


    I have been using this product for many years. It has no side effects. Very much recommended.

  507. Elena

    Shipping was very fast–I received my product in just a few days. One item was left out of my package. I left a voice mail, received a reply the next day, and my product a couple of days later. I really appreciated the quick response and fast shipping.

  508. Darlene

  509. Tanya Lee

    Love the quick delivery and you had stock during pandemic.

  510. Geralene

    wonderful product! had to order by phone as website did not accept my password!

  511. linda Erickson

    Always very fast delivery, thank you 😊

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    Very satisfied.

  514. Jane

    100 per cent improvement in my labs.

  515. Anonymous

  516. Gabrielle Menendez

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    I take these instead of Thyroxine and can manage my bloods better and don’t have the side effects I had on Thyroxine.

  518. Tamer S.

  519. Roger

    Great product, and great service. Simply the best!

  520. Patricia Shenofsky

  521. Rosemary P.

    Love ordering from you guys easy ordering and fast delivery.

  522. Diane

    This was prescribed by a herbalist for my husband to control his weight which leveled off and maintained there for8 years now without any side effects.

  523. Michael M.

  524. Tiffany H.

  525. Anonymous

    I believe it would be helpful if they offered a bovine thyroid product with 30mg per capsule.

  526. Anonymous

  527. Kellie M.

    I stopped taking levothyroxine and this has changed my life. Please don’t change anything. Also, the fastest shipping!!

  528. Wanda J.

    Love the people producing this wonderful product. I’ve tried all thyroid products, prescription and over the counter. This one works best for me.

  529. Ron S.

    Fast service and amazing product.

  530. Stacey

  531. James M Carberry

  532. Julie Ashcraft

  533. Barbara Stewart

    I definitely prefer the tablets as they are easier to half but I am thrilled to have natural, desiccated bovine thyroid as opposed to the pharmaceutical companies’ products that are loaded with undesirable additives. These are easy to separate and work well.

  534. Jennifer Leon-Guerrero

  535. Anonymous

  536. Darlene

    These supplements allow me to get away from prescription drugs which I have struggled with for years and I feel good, have energy and an able to function better for the first time in a long time, thank you.

  537. Genita Gray

    I have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel now that I take my pills the same time every morning & wait an hour to eat. These are quality products & I’m so grateful I found Nutri-Meds

  538. Anonymous

    Easy to order. Quick to fill and arrive. Good product!

  539. Anonymous

    This helped me when nothing else did.

  540. Teresa

    Came in the time expected. Hasn’t been long enough yet for me to determine if it is working for me or not.

  541. patricia

    service was excellent, I have only been on the product for a few weeks so I will have to wait and see if will work for me

  542. Brandy P.


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    Delivered in good time

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    You are wonderful!

  548. Gillian

    They do seem to help, have more energy, less hair loss

  549. Bernadeta Zofia

    Great products

  550. Michelle

    I love your thyroid products and appreciate your quick shipping!

  551. Irene

  552. Glenda

    I’ve been using these capsules for a while, and they have been working well for me. I have experimented with dosage, and then listened to my body for the results.

  553. robert

    this item works well

  554. DONNA

    My thyroid under control on 3 a day..worked on my Lab dog too —cured his skin rash and hair loss . And it brought his weight down… not happy about large price increase.. not covered by insurance.

  555. Nita M.

    Excellent product. Feeling so much better thank you

  556. Jay W.

    Much better and cheaper than Synthroid

  557. Albert VanDenBerg

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    Excellent! Thanks for making a thyroid glandular, minus the top allergens. It works great & it was sent in a timely manner.

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    There are so many businesses out there that claim to produce supplements like these that are either a scam (I have experienced this myself unfortunately) or don’t contain the correct or amount of ingredients that they say they do. Nutri-Meds has tailorred their supplements to absolute perfection so they work to their optimum plus you have the option to choose between capsule or tablet form. All completely natural. With these products, you really can’t go wrong. They have been a life saver for me and many others. Thank you for changing my life for the better and making me feel like I’m 30 again instead of 80! Simply going for a shower 5 months ago felt like I’d just ran a marathon. I no longer have this problem. I can’t rate these products highly enough!

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    Works well for me. I take 3 a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That is all I need for more energy. I used to take Synthoid, so I can compare the results of both.

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  896. My daughter has hypothyroidism and was put on Synthroid back in August of last year.Her level then was at 25.She was a complete mess on Synthroid.From crying to fast heart rate,she could not take it.The Dr. would not stray from Synthroid and wanted her to take a higher dose.I went online looking for anything that would help and stumbled upon Nutri Meds bovine thyroid.I read the reviews and was skeptical but placed my order.She started taking 1 pill every morning.We went back in November for lab work and her number was at 15.I was amazed and knew we found something truly great.Today July 29,2019,we went back for labs and she’s now at an 8.For anyone who is struggling with Synthroid and can’t find anyone who’ll listen,please give this a try,it changed my daughter’s life!

  897. I want to thank you for this excellent quality product you provide, I changed from Erfa to BovinThyroid after the huge increase in it’s prices and because the Egyptian prescription is not accepted in USA… So I had to buy it from a drug store on a pacific island .But now the BovineThyroid is even better than Erfa in my opinion,I can get it without prescription , adequate lab tests,good price and even more suitable for religious reasons. Thank you Nutri-Meds… 👌

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  902. Gail Legnon

    I have been using your thyroid supplements for about 3 yrs. and I have felt better than when I was using prescriptions. With the new bovine thyroid & a good diet I have lost about 80 lbs. I lack 13 lbs from being at the weight I should be & I feel great. Thank you for all that your doing.

  903. I struggled for years w/ fatigue,constantly feeling cold,low energy,thinning hair & brain fog which lead to depression I feel good again after taking Nutri-Meds. I was finally referred to an endocrinologist.Blood tests showed that my thyroid levels were normal but thyroid level trends were abnormal and I was given Levoxyl. I was fine until I had to use a different practitioner (insurance reasons).The next endocrinologist decreased my dose. Within one month the same symptoms were back.I searched the internet for thyroid supplements & found Nutri-Meds.I take 2 with 1 Levoxyl daily.I feel like myself again,energetic, focused,no more thinning hair or depression.Conventional medicine falls short in this area.It tends to rely on big pharma and chemically created meds which usually cause more harm than good. They give no credence to natural alternatives. As an RN and a customer who greatly benefited from using this product, I highly recommend Nutri-Meds thyroid supplements.

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    Hi Marisue. Just want to let you know that I am one happy customer. Your new Bovine Thyroid Capsules are the best ever. I feel utterly whole and fantastic. No nagging thyroid related problems. And all I need to maintain this great feeling is one capsule a day! Thank you so much for all your caring and hard work to deliver this product to your customers. Nancy

  905. Mell

    Back story: Both parents were hypothyroid. 2004 diagnosed with a goiter, TSH in normal range, doctors ignore symptoms. 2008 TSH finally outside normal range, start taking synthroid. Jan 2012 proper diagnosis, Hashimoto Thyroiditis, find endocrinologist who supports managing my thyroid more naturally but still wants me on synthroid (25mcg was enough when I managed my diet to support my autoimmune issues). Recently my husband switched jobs & insurance changed so I let my sythroid run out. Time to try dedicated thyroid & stop having to fight doctors for proper care.

    Enter NutriMeds. Wow! I started taking one capsule per day in April felt better within a week but still felt sluggish in the mornings & exhausted overall (being a mom of young kids is no excuse). I increased to 2 capsules per day. I haven’t been a morning person for 20 years but now wake easily between 6-7am without an alarm. I still struggle with what feels like 99 autoimmune issues but my thyroid ain’t one, lol.

  906. My thyroid was radiated during Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatments in 2010. When I got pregnant 7 yrs later, my TSH climbed from 5.02 to 6.87 in a month. I was feeling unmotivated, no energy and depressed often. I began taking Nutri-Meds bovine thyroid supplements. One tablet was to much so I cut down to a half. In 6 weeks my TSH went down to 0.72 and my free T3 and T4 were normal too. Praise God. I feel energy I haven’t felt for years. My body wakes up early just to take it. I’ve never been a morning person. My depression symptoms have also disappeared. I feel great. My pregnancy is now on the right track. Thank you.

  907. 9 years ago I had my Thyroid taken out due to a very severe case of Graves Disease and my life has never been the same.
    I was over waking up every morning not knowing how I was going to feel that day, so I have been on the hunt for a natural alternative. I came across Nutri- Meds Bovine Capsule & bought a bottle. It’s been 3 months & I ( & everyone around me) has noticed a change, a very big change. I have dropped 10kg, my nails are growing my skin isn’t itchy & dry. The whites of my eyes are becoming clear again, the bags under my eyes are gone & my facial skin is clear.
    I still have a little way to go but in 3 months I can’t give this product enough praise, enough so I have just purchased 2 more bottles as I will never go back to synthetic thyroid medicine again !

    Thank you to Nutri-Meds for this product !! I feel like myself again.

  908. I ran out of my synthroid for 5 days and was feeling horrible. This supplement arrived and I took one pill and within an hour, I was back to normal and better than normal. I will be a permanent customer.

  909. I received this product in a timely manner and found that it didn’t work for my condition. The company was very understanding and expedited my return. Thank you.

  910. Gail

    I have found both the tablet and capsule forms of Nutir-Meds’s bovine thyroid extract to be very effective, particularly since the reformulation that added amino acids. I can take less yet have better results.

  911. I ordered one bottle about a couple of months ago, because I am always a skeptic. I continued taking my Synthroid, and added one capsule as a dietary supplement. I have been on Synthroid for several years, but after the first three to six months, it did little to nothing except keep my “numbers” down. I was still on the higher end of normal, and felt horrible, but averaging a TSH of 4.6 in the past year or two.

    I added one capsule per day to my daily dose of Synthroid, and my last TSH was so low the doctor cut my Synthroid dose! TSH was .046.

    I am no longer a skeptic.

  912. Finally,after 16 years on Pharmaceuticals,I’m beginning to feel alive.I completely crashed this last winter,all my health issues became as bad as when I first started Meds for my Thyroid,plus my hair fell out!!.My Dr kept changing my meds and wouldn’t check my Adrenals,my body finally said enough!Check out my Adrenal review

  913. Chuck Bagg

    Thyroid controls your body temperature, and TSH (from your pituitary) controls your thyroid. But the normal range for the TSH blood test is about 1200 times wider than the normal range for body temperature. Most doctors will totally trust this ridiculous test, and ignore your low body temperature and obvious low-thyroid symptoms, and will refuse to prescribe a thyroid supplement. Fortunately, you can now ignore your doctor, and get the thyroid supplement you need from Nutri-Meds. I took the porcine for many years, and now the reformulated Bovine works even better. I’m 72, and I ski, figure skate, sing karaoke, and out-dance the twenty-somethings.

  914. I’ve always been energetic and “lean”. A few years after menopause, that all changed. Tired all the time and gaining weight like crazy. Thyroid levels were within the “normal” range… After only 4 days of taking your thyroid supplement, I have the energy and enthusiasm I used to. I’m so glad I discovered your product. Thank You so much.

  915. debby kramer

    I had been taking synthetic thyroid for over 16 yrs and finally crashed. I was tired of feeling unhealthy and of being just a number to doctor after doctor. I (…) and began taking this. WHAT A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! I FEEL better. I LOOK better. I have my life back! THANK YOU NUTRI-MEDS!

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