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About Nutri-Meds

Nutri-Meds™ has been the premiere source for glandular supplements since the company was founded in 2001. Owned and operated by serious alternative medicine specialists, we believe in the products we sell. We use them every day as well.

In recent years, we have had a number of personal and family-related health issues which have caused us to search out and create products that really work. As we expand, we are only adding products we have tested and find to meet that demanding standard. We're proud that all our hard work has been the source of success for thousands of people, with many finding life-changing results.

Although many of our Nutri-Meds products are labeled "For Professional Use Only" (because of their potency and effectiveness, both of which require proper knowledge and care), they are available for sale directly to the general public without prescription. The reason our products don't require a prescription is because, as required by the FDA, we make no direct claims for any specific medical purpose, cure or treatment of disease.

We'd like to believe that the reason you have found our website is because you are in need of the very best solutions. Like us, you are no doubt tired of listening to hype and paying inflated prices. You need a source of supply and information you can depend on. We want you to know that you've come to the right place.

We are totally committed to giving you the very best. Our search for valid solutions never ends. Thank you for visiting our site. We truly appreciate your business and will do our best to earn it.