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Guide to Amino Acids

Guide to the Amino Acids used in our Products

In order to effectively encapsulate our high-quality glandulars, some added ingredients are used in very small amounts. Our choices of which to use are based on the positive effects of amino acid therapy. It is important to keep in mind that the body’s need for amino acids are typically determined in grams per kilogram of body weight, so in the scheme of things, the amount of amino acids that could be contributed from inclusion in a capsule would be very small. Therefore, the minimal amounts included are nowhere near what could considered a therapeutic levels. Nevertheless, we use essential amino acids the body has to have, and which are stored in the liver waiting to be used as needed, rather than substances that do not demonstrate health-enhancing properties.


Lysine has gained much attention due to its status as the subject of remarkable research from Dr. Mattias Rath, who discovered a connection between vitamin C deficiency and heart disease, and two time Nobel Prize Winner Linus Pauling.

Some facts about the various functions of L-Lysine:

1. L-Lysine unsticks the plaque that adheres to the inside of arteries

2. L-Lysine fights the toxicity from lead and other heavy metals that accumulates as people age

3. The body requires dramatically more L-Lysine as the result of psychologically stressful situations

4. L-Lysine stops the growth of herpes simplex and reduces cold sores

Symptoms of L-Lysine deficiency may sound familiar to anyone who has struggled with thyroid challenges: fatigue, poor concentration, irritability, and gastric disfunction. Moreover, low levels of lysine have been found in those with hypothyroidism and depression.

1. L-Leucine-the “stress buster”

2. L-Leucine protects muscle during stress.

3. Stress states require increased amounts of L-Leucine

4. L-Leucine helps to maintain proper blood sugar levels

Branched-chain amino acids, one of which is L-Leucine, are known as ‘stress amino acids, and are recommended for use in all stress situations.


Silicon is found in highest concentration in hair and nails, two tissues that can be impacted with thyroid challenges.

Silica is the most effective detoxifying agent for aluminum and heavy metal poisoning

*silicon is key to the structural integrity of skin and overall collagen synthesis, as well as bone health and immune system health,

*Has been shown to reduce risk for atherosclerosis, a disease in which plaque builds up in the arteries

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