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    I struggled for years with random symptoms and extreme lack of energy. Until I went to my doctor about my symptoms, I had no idea what was going on. I had wrote down all my symptoms and she (my doc) said these are all symptoms of an underactive thyroid. I got blood tests done but they never tested for the T3 component in the “full” thyroid panels in the NHS (I live in Scotland, UK). So I paid for a private thyroid panel which showed my T3 levels (the most important thyroid function) were way too low. I was prescribed levothyroxine for 5 months and I didn’t get any better, if not, worse. I had been bedridden with these symptoms for over a year and was ready to give up. For whatever reason they just don’t treat hypothyroidism correctly here and tens of thousands of people are struggling terribly due to this. I had completely lost my life. The doctors wouldn’t listen. Until I found Nutri-Meds. I’ve been taking their dessicated bovine thyroid for almost 5 months now. And have been taking the Adrenal Whole and Adrenal Cortex Plus also and in a matter of days I started noticing the positive differences. My energy has gone from bedridden to being able to get up and about again. My appetite is back. I have lost 3 stone without any exercise. My joints aren’t in pain anymore and my kneecaps don’t feel like they’re going to snap every time I try to stand up anymore. My hair has stopped falling out. My sensitivity to the cold has made a huge improvement. My skin’s dryness has improved massively. The frustrating brain fog has gotten better and better every day. I could go on and on. These supplements truly saved my life. The customer service has been second to none and the owner is the kindest, most caring and helpful person I have ever experienced from a business. She truly cares about helping others. If you are struggling with hypothyroidism or adrenal fatigue, honestly, you have find the right place to help solve your problems. The prices are so affordable.

    There are so many businesses out there that claim to produce supplements like these that are either a scam (I have experienced this myself unfortunately) or don’t contain the correct or amount of ingredients that they say they do. Nutri-Meds has tailorred their supplements to absolute perfection so they work to their optimum plus you have the option to choose between capsule or tablet form. All completely natural. With these products, you really can’t go wrong. They have been a life saver for me and many others. Thank you for changing my life for the better and making me feel like I’m 30 again instead of 80! Simply going for a shower 5 months ago felt like I’d just ran a marathon. I no longer have this problem. I can’t rate these products highly enough!

    Desiccated Bovine Thyroid Health CapsulesDesiccated Bovine Thyroid Health Capsules

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