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Bovine Thyroid Health Capsules 65mg

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In stock…and shipping!

These Bovine Thyroid Health 65mg Capsules are the exact same formula as our best-selling 130mg, now in a half-size capsule to make it easier to find the right amount to take. For those who follow our suggestions in our Guide to Thyroid Glandulars and “fine-tune” the amount they take by cutting tablets in half, we now offer this new convenient size, with the same efficacy we are known for!

This is a
whole-food nutritional bovine glandular from grass-pastured stock, raised
without antibiotics and growth-stimulants, sourced exclusively from New Zealand.
The whole bovine thyroid gland is simply desiccated (freeze dried), which
concentrates the natural bovine constituents. The capsules are manufactured
in the United States using stringent quality control and safety measures.

statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This
product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Read
our FDA Notice (supplemental disclaimer).)


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417 reviews for Bovine Thyroid Health Capsules 65mg

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  1. Angela E.

    Perfect! Pain free service ! Thank you!

  2. linda Erickson

    Always very fast delivery…always professionally handled!
    A pleasure to do business with.

  3. Allen

    This is better than what you get from the Dr.

  4. Jodi

  5. Eugenia

  6. Diana Ayers

    Great product seems to be still working even though color of capsules has completely changed

  7. Jason T.

    Wonderful product
    I have slightly decreased thyroid function and didn’t want to be on anything but natural sourced.

    My symptoms of feeling cold all the time disappeared within days of taking.

    Zero side effects that this supplement half life is 4 hours and room for correction if needed.
    medicine like synthroid with a 7 day half life good luck adjusting.

  8. Carol

    fantastic service, customer service, product works well!

  9. Christina

    I initially bought the 135 mg and it was way too much. I switched to the 65 mg and feel fantastic. I previously took NP thyroid but it was out of stock a lot so wanted another option and I actually prefer this, so glad I switched.

  10. Marian Adams, R.N.

    My personal choice for thyroid. Great product from a reliable company.

  11. Lea

  12. Aletta M.

    Easy purchase and fast shipping. Thank you.

  13. Laura H.

    I am so grateful for Nutri-Meds. So many reasons. For example, they don’t run out, and their shipping is fine. I can’t get a prescription/testing where I am at. But I understand my symptoms, etc. I need the full spectrum thyroid stuff, and now I can actually think about pursing my goals because of Nutri-Meds.

  14. Aalyah Abdulla

    The best and please check with your doctor before using

  15. Sidney Miller

    Love y’all

  16. Chester

    Excellent service! A very good supplement.

  17. Sandrine J.

    This product is fabulous. I have mild hypothyroidism. I was always tired, without energy with a slight weight gain on my stomach for 5 years and cholesterol while I ate very healthily without any sugar. I was a little 50 year old!! I am French and this kind of product does not exist here. It changed my life in a few weeks. I regained my energy, vitality and my excess weight dropped. I am grateful to have found this brand. It’s a new youth for me.

  18. Steven

    I have worked with you before as well and staff is always incredibly kind and sufficient

  19. Anonymous

  20. Katherine R.

    My PCP allows me to take the bonvine capsules; I feel that I have more energy.

  21. Ramunas M.

    Works well for my dogs hypothyroid issue.

  22. Angel

  23. linda Erickson

  24. Christina Martinez

    Easy to order & I receive items quick

  25. Arcelia Ward

    Great product works better than prescription meds I highly recommend

  26. Ruby Lord

    very thorough and considerate

  27. Anonymous

  28. Lori A

    I’ve been using this product for several years, now; my thyroid levels have remained steady (in the the good range) since I began using this product…just wish it was more affordable for those of us on a very fixed budget.

  29. Athena

  30. Laura

    Wonderful item

  31. Laurie

  32. Mary Lee

  33. Jayme O.

    I am so thankful for this product. I highly recommend it. Nutrimeds is a great company to work with and the product always arrives safely, well packaged, and in a reasonable amount of time.

  34. Karen

    I really like that there are no fillers & unnecessary ingredients. It works very well to keep my thyroid working. Thank you!

  35. Dimitri Polityko

  36. Diane

    Great job as always. Thank you for your prompt courteous service and for offering a great product!

  37. Cathy Swiercz

    I received my order very quickly !

  38. Chester Wichert

    Very good thyroid supplement. Excellent service in getting this supplement.

  39. Kevin D.

    New customer so effect’s won’t be know till next blood work but I have faith in my health provider who highly recommends your product! Delivery was quick and website easy.

  40. Mary Ellen

    Arrived right away and it works very well.

  41. Carol

    Product works great as thyroid helps, customer support spot on!

  42. Les H.

    My thyroxine levels are near perfect according to my GP.

  43. Karen M.

    Love this product will keep purchasing

  44. Ramunas

    Works well controlling my doggys hypothyroid issue without side-effects.

  45. penny p.

    the rating is on your shipping policy speed/cost. I haven’t been taking the bovine thyroid long enough to make any claims but certainly no negative responses to the product

  46. Lynda

    Great product! My order arrived on time and in great shape.

  47. Arcelia Ward

    great product gave up prescription meds because of side effects started taking bovine i feel great labs for thyroid have been spot on and their customer service is outstanding

  48. Debra

    Adios Armour Thyroid, I found my new Bovine lover!!

  49. Sahar Madaeen

  50. Anna Muratova

  51. Monica D.

    Wonderful company, excellent product

  52. Eman

  53. ANNE M.

    Great supplement that keeps my labs normal. Very fast shipping, too.

  54. Katherine R.

  55. Teresa Tester

    Sooooo Very Very Helpful Kind n Patient stayed on phone answered so many questions! Thank You Steven

  56. Monica

    I love the half size capsule, no need to break tablets in half. Making it easier to get same dose daily.

  57. Karen B.

    Pleased with this product.

  58. Jan Merry

    your service is fine

  59. Keith

    Fast shipping. Product exactly as described. Would buy again.

  60. j kratz

  61. carol

  62. Carol

  63. Carol

    Fabulous customer service. Product helping me for sure!

  64. Lisa Pearce

    I have Hashimoto and I was taking two 130 mg capsules a day and then added 1 of the 65 mg. Seems to really help my energy level and keeps my thyroid numbers optimal.

  65. Julia F.

  66. Anonymous

  67. Mayon Hoard

    I do not have a thyroid at all (I am athyroid) which means that I must replace my thyroid hormones 100% with Nutri-Meds completely. Synthetics thyroid meds in any dosage don’t work. I have my bloodwork done every few months and I work with unconventional doctors who are learning.

  68. Marianne Wood

    This is best and superior natural thyroid I Have found! For years I took ARMOUR thyroid. Until my natural apathic doctor. Advised me to read up on the changes made to ARMOUR. He told me it was my decision to change or not. His recommendation was to change to Nature-thyroid. I did and after a few years they went out of business! I found Nutri-Meds and it is great! My husband also takes Nutri-Meds Thyroid!

  69. Mary Ellen Clifford

  70. John Walsh

  71. Olivia

    I have been taking this for about 4 months, and have noticed an improvement in my mood and energy. I also had normal levels on my recent blood work.I actually tried another brand that makes bovine NDT because they had a sale and it was much cheaper, but I regretted that as I immediately noticed the difference. This supplement is a huge cost to me, but I will continue to take it as long as I can afford it.

  72. Debbie C.

    Love your products. It came very timely

  73. Ramunas

    works for my doggy

  74. Jayme O.

    Nutrimeds has created a product that is much needed in this world; an over the counter compounded thyroid supplement. I take this product daily and have found it tremendously helpful. I feel it when I skip a day or two. The website is easy to navigate, the products really work, and the price is reasonable. The delivery of what I had ordered was timely. Overall, I am very pleased with Nutrimeds, their thyroid products, and highly recommend them to anyone in need of a product like this.

  75. Lisa B.

  76. Debbie Fegan

    Love these, id been so ill for a long time & my doctors will only prescribe eltroxin/levothyroxine so after ordering this, & being on it a few weeks now, i can honestly say I actually feel alive, for the first time in a long time, ive lost some weight, and my mobility and overall health feels so much better than it has in yrs!

  77. Is

    It’s been several weeks and I just had 1 set of labs done: TSH, FT3, FT4. I’m taking 65 mg (+100 mg CBD to help balance my endocrine system) every 12 hours. Worked immediately! Labs are excellent, I’m feeling good (finally). The bovine capsules have saved me! Thank you Nutri-Meds.

  78. Carol

    Great product, helps where thyroid has lost effectiveness, mood more calm, overall maintenance.

  79. John Benton

  80. linda Erickson

    My order always arrives in only three or so days. Such excellent service! Much appreciated!

  81. Katherine

    Excellent customer service; fast delivery; this product is keeping me on track for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

  82. Darlene

    I have been taking the thyroid medicine for about 6 years –works great—–company is great to do business with, even had to call them one time and they were very courteous—-quick delivery —would recommend

  83. Karen T.

    Love this product, it enables me to fine tune the dosage I need.

  84. Michelle

    Fast shipping

  85. Mary

    Always an excellent product with superb customer service!

  86. Anonymous

  87. Anonymous

    Very pleased with this product . I was out of my px thyroid meds and did not have refills or insurance . My sister said to try a health food store . I know they can be very pricey. I researched online about the ingredients . A pig is a pig so …lol. So I figured it couldn’t hurt me and my sister noticed how much more energy I seemed to have compared to my meds that I have been taking for 20 years ! I myself noticed that I’m not sluggish or sleepy as before . And I only take 1 a day . I’m happy that I made the switch . Never know the long term effects of any px medication .

  88. Tracy

  89. Joy K.

    Excellent product, fantastic customer support, will be ordering it again. (Would be nice if it came in 30mg dosage.)

  90. Anonymous

  91. Gloria B.

    Great Product. Securely Packaged, Arrived Timely

  92. Anonymous

  93. Anonymous

  94. Carol

    Fantastic service! Product works well

  95. Maria

    This was for a friend. I’ve not taken it.

  96. Heather McDonald

  97. Rose Anne Rempel

    I have used your bovine thyroid for years. I refer my clients to you for your product on a regular basis

  98. Rebecca D.

  99. Anonymous

    Amazingly quick and email friendly service. Loved the updates on the progress of shipping and delivery. Website is chocked full of greatly desired information and the product has improved my quality of life quite measurably. NutriMeds, you rock!
    Miss Laura

  100. Malaena Medford

    These were a gift to my mother. They have changed her life drastically. Where the ************ she was on did nothing, these bovine thyroid capsules made her functional again. Will definitely buy these regularly for her needs.

  101. Debra O.

    product as described. quick shipping. I can always rely on Nutrimeds to deliver great service.

  102. Marianne Wood

    So happy that you have this supplement! So great for my hormones! more energy etc!

  103. Anonymous

  104. Les Harris

    Giving excellent blood test results.



  106. Dagmar J.

  107. Mary

  108. Alexandra M.

    I’ve been using your bovine thyroid capsules regularly for a couple of years and they have made a huge difference in my health. I take one of these plus one of your 130mg thyroid tablets daily. Thank you for being here.

  109. Penny Heagy

  110. Angela Brinkerhoff

    I’m so happy to have found your company. I have been taking whole desiccated glandular for nearly a year now. My life has improved immensely. Thank you!!

  111. sherry MacLean

  112. Michelle

    Received product on time in a timely matter.

  113. John Benton

  114. C. T.

  115. Carol

    You guys are spot on! Great product, gets here quick, totally satisfied. Thank you

  116. Sailesh B.

  117. Mary L.

  118. Anonymous

    I have been using for several years for hypothyroidism, and not only do I feel better, I can see the the difference in my lab results. Great alternative to Rx!

  119. Jacqueline

    Literally, life-changing! Recommend to other women. Praying you’ll always be around! Thank you!

  120. Janet Cooke

    I am more than happy with this product that has alowed me a normal life for many years now.

  121. Chester Wichert

  122. Lori A K.

    The product is wonderful; it would be even more wonderful if the price was more affordable or maybe you could offer free shipping when someone like me orders multiple items…

  123. Barb B.

    Good communication, immediate shipping and great product. My vaccinated dog acquired auto-immune dysfuntion against the thyroid, so finding this natural supplement was important. And at my age it may be a good one for me as well! Dog is already responding very well. Thankyou.

  124. Kristen

    I recommend these products to family and friends! Thank you for making these high quality supplements!

  125. Eugene M Herman

  126. Elisha Gabriell

    Desiccated bovine thyroid is the only thing that keeps me reasonably warm and at an almost normal body weight.

  127. Diane S.

    product always perfect for me – so grateful to have found Bovine. I love the convenience of varied doses 65mg & 130mg. Refills & shipping so very convenient and easy and on time.

  128. Ramunas Milkus

    Works well for my pups hypothyroid .

  129. Kelly B.

  130. Jianghong Du

    Great customer support team! I have some shipping questions and they are always answered in a very short time.

  131. Patricia P.

    Your products are great. I have been using them for years and they work very well for my sister and myself. I am grateful not only for your products but for the help I get from Steve whenever I have a question. Gratefully yours, Patricia

  132. Robin

    This product works for me. I like that it is bovine.

  133. Karen S.

    I feel more energetic now that I have started taking these.

  134. Eugenia

    The Bovine Thyroid is reliably effective. Delivery is always sooner than expected.

  135. Lisa

    I am very happy to have found this essential and good quality supplement as I am allergic to the synthetic products that I have tried before taking the Thyroid Bovine. I also appreciate how quickly Nutri-Meds confirms and ships my orders, I usually receive it within 5 days. Equally important is that Nutri-Med is consistent with their formula and are affordable. I recommend giving them a try. Great job Nutri-Med!

  136. David Sanderson

  137. Marie

    Received product in a timely manner and so far is working wonderfully!

  138. Anonymous

    Always great

  139. Jayme O.

    These capsules really help my energy levels and keep my body functioning well.

  140. Esfir Skarbo

  141. Les Harris

    Thyroxine levels have been deemed perfect by my GP.

  142. Anonymous

    I have been so happy with this product. I used to be on a combination of Synthroid and Cytomel. As I’m entering into menopause, I am concerned about bone health. All the thyroid hormones are needed for good bone health, so I decided to switch from my T4/T3 combo to the desiccated bovine thyroid (DBT). My doctor agreed, and is now monitoring me on the DBT. It took several months to get the correct dosage, but I am now at a good level and doing great! My thinning hair has been filling back in, and my nails are great, which has been a huge indicator that the DBT is working well, and supplying me with all the needed thyroid hormones. I can only assume these are good signs for my bone health as well. Can’t thank Nutri-Meds enough for their product!

  143. Carol

    I have had Hashimoto’s for over 35 years and been on all kinds of meds. This product with the addition of a low-dose cytomel prescription from my doctor works best for me. Excellent product and fast delivery. I am very satisfied.

  144. Vicki King

  145. Anonymous

    I have only been taking the bovine thyroid for two weeks, but noticed a big difference the very first day. Much more energy and clarity. I was on Levoxyl for a few months, and it gave me horrible joint pain, and overall felt lousy. I love that this thyroid is from nature, and I will definitely be ordering more. Please keep it in stock. Thank you for providing this.

  146. Adam

    Life changing product, thank-you nutri-meds, just still missing the porcine, works better.

    Unfortunately package still hasn’t arrived @27 days but I know that’s not you fault and you provide good tracking links to trace it’s terrible progress, thank-you!

  147. Bonita Poulin

    Excellent product. It replaced prescription thyroid hormones that are full of toxic crap!

  148. Keren W.

    I’m so glad I found Nutri-Meds on the Stop the Thyroid Madness website. It became impossible to obtain the dessicated thyroid I had been taking. Experimenting with synthetic thyroid was the scariest thing that ever happened to me. I was NOT going to try that again.

  149. Marisa H.

  150. Pat W.

    These work! Excellent service!

  151. Liliana S.

  152. Linda Moreno

  153. Patricia P.

    It is the best product for the thyroid, plus I am always grateful for the information I am provided. Thanks a lot

  154. Alex B.

  155. Ismael

    Great and fast service

  156. Anonymous

    Quite frankly Nutri-Meds has helped me a lot. I have been on levothyroxine for a couple of decades but my hair started falling out about eighteen months ago. I think I’m not converting the levothyroxine as well as I once did. I have been taking Nutri-Meds since then and my hair has stopped falling out and I am feeling better overall.

  157. Katherine R.

    I love Nutri-Meds – I take 130mg of the Bovine Thyroid in the morning; and one 65 mg capsule at mid-day and another the evening.

  158. Eugene M

  159. Monica D.

    Always timely, mailing works great!

  160. Anonymous

  161. Anonymous

    I am always happy with the quality of service and product.

  162. Berit M.

    Excellent product that works for me!

  163. Anonymous

    Well satisfied and quick service

  164. Marlene F.

    Excellent product and excellent service.

  165. Guylaine Charlebois

    Fast delivery very satisfied with the product much more energetic

  166. Anonymous

  167. Arcelia Ward

    Thyroid lab results spot on since taking this supplement

  168. Julia Ellis

  169. Anonymous

    very good product for me. have been using this for many years.

  170. Kathy B.

    I discovered Nutri-meds, probably a decade ago, when ‘the modern medical model’ did not even diagnose ‘adrenal fatigue,’ properly, and I really struggled. The raw bovine thyroid glandular brought me back to Life with time and patience. A blessing!! Without Nutri-meds, my life would be in the toilet. Im grateful.

  171. Terry

    Normalized my thyroid. TSH, T3 and T4 now normal.

  172. Les Harris

    All good except the long delay out of Sydney due to their COVID restrictions. It took a month to receive the product .

  173. Katherine R.

    After all other natural thyroid medications let me down, I now use the 65 mg Bovine capsules (1 in the morning, 1 at lunch and a third after work). Ordering is very easy and the shipments are very timely. I feel good!

  174. Pam

  175. Patricia P.

  176. Patricia Moody


  177. Ruth G.

    I switched to this product when another bovine glandular brand I was taking was out of stock. I have been very happy with it and I actually feel much better.

  178. Anonymous

  179. Barbara

  180. Anonymous

    Good product! Well satisfied with service to receiving it.

  181. carol tousignant

    spoke to a gentlemen over the phone with questions and answers He was very helpful my name is Carol Tousignant

  182. Diane Sollee

  183. Elizabeth

    Great product. Just the right dose for my husband. He takes it at 6 AM and has more energy and strength for the rest of the day.

  184. Donald Sulltrop

  185. Virginia McCosker

  186. Robert Floyd

    Easy to place an order and speedy delivery. I would like to see you start to carry the porcine thyroid again, but I’ll continue with the bovine until then. Thanks for a great product!

  187. linda Erickson

    Very prompt delivery every time I order.
    Thank You!

  188. Mary Ellen Clifford

  189. Eugenia

    One at breakfast and another with lunch means no more need of prescription Naturethroid.

  190. Avery Milieu

    So far I’ve had no reactions (in the negative way) to the thyroid and I was looking to order the larger dosage because I’ve gotten to three caps of the smaller dosage and suspect it’s going to take a bit more to return me to “normal” functioning after 40 years or more of having Hashimotos. Have fantasies of having eyebrows again!
    There IS a difference and I’m thrilled to have this option, given that the Big Pharma varieties all have added ingredients that my body just won’t tolerate.
    Thank you!

  191. Anita

    Good to have a choice between 65mg. and 120 mg.

  192. Stephen O.

    Great product – quality and value.

  193. Carol

    Great product, wonderful service, shipping is quick.

  194. Robyn D.

    Fast shipping. Quality product. Feeling better already!

  195. Cathy

    Great product, came quickly. I’ll order again.

  196. Carol P.

  197. Janet Cooke

    This product provides wonderful relief from my Hashimotos symptoms

  198. Robin

    This product keeps my thyroid working well. No Armour or Synthetic drug for me!

  199. Dorene

    Great service! Great products! Very pleased!

  200. tammy

    I keep coming back for the quality products, great service and fast shipping. Safe and clean…important to me.

  201. anthony c.

  202. Charles D.

    I have used them for years. Excellent product and service.

  203. Tamer S.

  204. J. Michael

    You keep making this great stuff, and I’ll keep buying it. ‘Nuff said.

  205. Patricia Shenofsky

  206. Gloria S.

    I’ve been using this product for several years now, and it has been a life-saver for sure. Recently, my Dr. had started me on the standard Levothyroxine, and I experienced numerous side-effects, including feeling much worse. I immediately went back to the Bovine Thyroid supplement sold here and in a week or so began to regain my energy and feeling of well-being. Normally, I don’t post reviews, but this may be of help to someone else who is suffering.

  207. Carol

    Great service, top notch product!

  208. Mary

    My doctor and I love this product

  209. Carol W.

    I’m so pleased with Nutri-Meds, I never have to worry about receiving my bovine thyroid, which is a great product, I have no problem with ordering or shipping. Thank you.

  210. Barbara D.

  211. Debbie Caterson

    I looked all over for a bovine thyroid that was less than 150. My endocrinologist actually found this one for me and its working great for me.

  212. Julie Ashcraft

  213. Paulette L.

    With guidance from a naturopath practitioner I was able to stop taking Synthroid and convert over solely to this product. Slowly increase your dosage as I went too fast and broke out in hives. This only happened once. I split my dosage up with at least 3 hours apart without further issue. I’ve been on this now for over 1 year without thyroid problems.

  214. Jennifer Leon-Guerrero

  215. Melanie

    These Bovine Thyroid supplements are a great, healthy substitute for Levothyrozine, which was messing me up. Started taking it early in November, and my December 2020 lab work was great!

  216. Virginia McCosker

    Vwry happy with my product and the service.

  217. Anonymous

  218. Mary

    My doctor is completely impressed with the quality of this Bovine Thyroid. It has kept my numbers perfect and has performed beyond his expectation. He thought I would eventually have to have a prescription.

  219. Nathalie

    Bas been helping me to stay healthy for years

  220. Lesley B.


  221. Patricia Sands

  222. Anonymous

    Excellent product! I’ve told many acquaintances & friends about Nutri-Meds and they’ve switched off their meds they were struggling on and are now doing well. Nutri-Meds is amazing & worth every penny 🙂

  223. Stephen Houlihan

  224. Anonymous

  225. Carol

    My order arrived quickly. I’m wondering if I shouldve gone with bovine when used to other. Havek weight gain since I started. working on it. thanks!

  226. Anonymous

    We’re very pleased with the product and your service.
    Thank you.
    Ron and Lila

  227. Pat W.

    These work great for my hypothyroid condition.

  228. Debra Griffith

  229. Erin E.

    I love having a tablet option for making dosing more accurate. Easy two cut in half or even quarter of you need adjust your dose.

  230. Pat W.

    I have hypothyroidism, and these thyroid pills give me energy.

  231. Janel Reynolds

    easy to order and always on time. Thanks

  232. Linda H.

    I have been using Nutri-Meds thyroid capsules for years. Doctors have occasionally tried to put me on prescription thyroid meds, but they do not suit me at all. I always return to Nutri-meds.

  233. Cynthia

    I’ve been using Bovine Thyroid Health for years, I feel it keeps my thyroid levels evened out. Thank you!

  234. Elizabeth Swenson

    I have always had good results with nutrimeds. I generally double the dose recommended by my doctor for Naturethroid. I do wish they carried pig thyroid again. My compounded pig thyroid meds tripled in price, so possibly the cost would be too great….

  235. Jenny D.

    This product has worked to keep my adrenal fatigue at bay so I can lead a normal life. Thank you to the Company for there on going support.

  236. Monica D.

  237. Marianne

    Thank You for carrying this medication it is great!

  238. Mayon J Hoard

    This works very well for me. I have my thyroid bloodwork tested every three months by my primary care physician to verify my ongoing situation with his concurrence. I have my TSH, free T3 and free T4 levels as well as my “normal” bloodwork done. I am presently taking 4, 5 or 6 (65 mg) capsules per day. My thyroid was oblated in February 1997 with iodine 131. I later developed all of the symptoms of Graves’ which have now mostly been resolved.

  239. Eugenia

    I have taken 32.5 mg Rx Nature-throid for about 20 years, but it was recently recalled. I’ve found that two 65 mg of Bovine Thyroid Health keeps me on an even keel energy-wise and my sleep has been good!

  240. Anonymous

  241. Wendy R Paris

    Everything was great! You always get my supplement to me fast. Keep up the good work!

  242. Deborah Lewis

    Love the Thyroid capsules. Customer service is very good. Very helpful in receiving my package.

  243. Mary

    I’ve been extremely pleased with this product and showed it to my doctor. She ran labs and all my results looked really good so she also gives this the thumbs up!

  244. Arcelia Ward

    Great product works better than prescription

  245. Peggy E.

    FINALLY a thyroid supplement PLAIN AND SIMPLE… without chemicals or added ingredients that have nothing to do with helping with a thyroid issue. It is the BEST and I am grateful beyond words (after 55 years of being prescribed one after another only to cause separate issues). Thank you, THANK YOU!

  246. Paul

    Excellent and quick service.

  247. Vicky Flower

  248. Geri

    Very pleased my thyroid readings have been great! And shipments very good. Thank you!

  249. Edye S.

  250. Janet N.

    I find that this supplement provides more energy and I feel better after taking this. I take this on a daily basis, so does my husband. We have been taking this for several months now. I would recommend this supplement to those that have low energy or are experiencing a lag in mental acuity. I like taking this rather than taking a prescription, but those that need to have a prescription for their thyroid should check with their physician first before taking this to make sure that this won’t interfere with their meds.

  251. Anonymous

    Great product.

  252. Rosa T.

  253. Latonya Gilliard

  254. Jeff

    Took a long time to arrive but the main thing is it got here!

  255. Gabriela

    Good product, the only thing that bothers me is that the capsules are bigger than the first time.

  256. Katherine Randolph

    First, I absolutely love Nutri-Meds. After all the other desiccated thyroid products were changed (including Armour and NP Thyroid), I was at a loss for what I could use. I ditched synthroid for good in 2015 after 25 years of taking it because I had no energy, my weight was up and down, thinning hair – all due to just taking synthroid. I have been taking the 130 mg Bovine Capsules (one each morning) for over a year. I decided to order the 65mg capsules to take in the morning and at lunch to keep more thyroid in my system during the day. Typically, desiccated thyroid lasts in the body about 5 hours. So, thank you, Nutri-Meds for giving me my life back!

  257. Tiffany H.

  258. Mary

    Thanks for wonderful service. I’ve just started taking the bovine product so can’t rate that just yet. I took the porcine product years ago and had a good experience overall.

  259. Connie

  260. Tamer

  261. Samantha T.

  262. Anonymous

  263. Marianne

    Thank You for making this product it is what keeps me feeling great. I now am getting my hair back!

  264. Anonymous

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    Already notice an increase in energy and slight weight loss, and Ive only been taking them every other day for two weeks. I’m slowly upping the dose to once a day, but I need to get used to it as its definatly noticeable. I hope with long term use Ill see my hair start to re-grow.

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  386. jennie mckenna

    Watch out — many doctors will try to get you to take synthroid when you first begin — it is not the same at all. Some have tried to get me to stop taking this after I’ve been on it for years, and switch. Nope.

    I did try it once, felt bad emotionally, and switched back –and felt okay again. It’s just odd that so many physicians will ask “Why are you taking THAT kind” as if you need to be better informed. Those in the know (both doctors and patients) know that there’s no comparing the real thing to synthetic.

    Recommended. And Nutri-Meds is always excellent about fast shipping — good service.

  387. My thyroid was taken in 2016, which I know isn’t very long ago, but they couldn’t get me balanced on Synthroid. My numbers were all over the place and I felt like crap. Since we live 100% organic, my husband went looking to see if we could find a natural thyroid supplement for me instead of the Synthroid. He did! I started out on the 130mg, which after blood work found was a little much. I started using the 65mg, and have had perfect blood work ever since. Since my insurance wont pay for this, I love that it’s affordable. I have been taking Bovine Thyroid Health for 2 years now and don’t see me changing anytime in the future. Thank you so much for this clean and affordable product.

  388. angela Khan

    I usually don’t write reviews but I needed to share my experience.I had been on synthroid since I was 12 years old.I had thin hair and my scalp was always somewhat visable.I lost my insurance a couple years back and started taking bovine thyroid.I figured I’d give it a shot and see how I feel.I felt great and I would definitely know if it didn’t work.Still,being a skeptic I paid for the blood work just to prove it wasn’t all in my head.My blood work came out perfect..even better than on synthroid.My hair got thicker on the bvine thyroid and I felt great…let’s fast forward to when my usual meds were out of stock and I started on synthroid again until I could get my bovine thyroid capsules again.Within 3 weeks I started seeing my scalp in the mirror,became cold and constipated (sorry TMI).I am so thankful I discovered this product and although it takes some time to figure out your correct dosw it’s worth it.I have been recommending this product to anyone I know who takes synthroid.

  389. This product has worked very well for myself and 2 daughters. I am 51 and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s when I was 5. I do not take prescription med but I do take vitamins and minerals that are also necessary for proper thyroid function.

  390. I have been taking level thyroxine since I was 25 years old; I’ve just turned 53 years old… A friend recommended Bovine Thyroid Health…and I thought, what the heck, I’ll try anything, at this point… So, I did; I started at 65 mg a day and after two months I’ve up to 130 mg… My weight started at 167 lb; I’m now 148 lb. My hair is growing back beautifully for the first time in over ten years!!! (I no longer have a bald spot!) Though I made other positive changes to my health around the same time (became vegan 🌱) this product has certainly been very good to me and for me…thank you for providing an affordable trustworthy, safe product that’s truly amazing 🤩

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